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  • 20.

  • That's a beautiful way to wrap up.

  • 2018, obviously 2019 was also extremely meaningful for London real and of course for you bryan kicked off with bill's arian.

  • That was one incredible piece of footage right?

  • There should watch a clip.

  • All right.

  • If you could teach guys like one thing or two things about women, what would it be?

  • What would you tell them?

  • Don't chase?

  • Don't chase and don't be afraid of rejection.

  • You know, don't be afraid of rejection.

  • Um, my, I guess like what my strategy in college would be every time I would see a hot girl, I just go up and talk to him.

  • I didn't care.

  • It wasn't a fun grocery store.

  • If it was in a library.

  • Like if I saw a girl that I found attractive, I would just go talk to her and I wouldn't go up and say, oh, I think you're beautiful and all that cheesy bullshit.

  • I would just go talk to her about whatever.

  • Like it didn't matter.

  • You just have a conversation with her and see where it went.

  • You know, sometimes didn't go anywhere.

  • Sometimes they wouldn't want to give you the time of day.

  • Sometimes you have a casual conversation lead nowhere, but at the end of the day because I did that, it would just make me more comfortable talking to girls and it was just kind of a numbers game.

  • So, so now you have us talking to dan Bilzerian about how not to chase women.

  • Welcome to London Real.

  • Right Again, a lot of people were offended by this video.

  • A lot of people are offended by damping and a lot of people are offended by manta Kia, that's what we do here.

  • We try to have real conversations with real people and I don't assume that someone is something I think they are without giving him a shot, you know, and a lot of people, they make quick judgments on so many people in this world, including dan, you see him, he's the modern day Hugh Hefner kind of right.

  • He has like a better version of the Playboy Mansion.

  • He does what he wants to do with as many women as he wants to and he just lives this, you know out their life.

  • And so I thought why not put him in the chair and find out who's this guy about because every time I put someone in the chair I realized, wow, they have a real journey that I can learn from and they're not who I thought they were, um they usually faced some tough challenges.

  • So I really like dan.

  • Um, it's an interesting video, it's interesting to watch that now because you know, I think a lot of men struggle with how to relate to women and you can see dan with a version of how he does it and dan is like, this is the way I do it and not everyone has to do it that way, but I think that's to be London real and so we had a really good conversation with dan again, one of our most watched videos, so clearly people are interested and I'm always interested to sit down with someone and have a good talk and so we'll have dan back on again and will continue hopefully to probably upset people with some of the people we put in the chair again.

  • You cannot watch or you can try to listen and learn or you can disagree, but it's always good to have that conversation.

  • Yeah, I think the variety of perspectives is what makes, you know, London real is so powerful and so magical, right?

  • It's seeing different lessons from life, from different people with different stories and it's fun.

  • You know, it was down with dan.

  • It really was definitely, really was.


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