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  • Can a nuclear bomb in water create a deadly tsunami?

  • Well, not one nuke anyway.

  • People underestimate the truly astronomical power of natural disasters like tsunamis and hurricanes, dwarfing that of a single nuclear weapon.

  • However, researchers did conclude that a line of about two million kg of nuclear explosives detonated around five miles off the coast may cause a destructive wave to brew.

  • For some real world context.

  • Fat man, the nuclear weapon that devastated Nagasaki during World War II had a nuclear payload weight of 6.2 kg of plutonium to 39.

  • It likely take 322,000, of these weapons to make something even close to an actual destructive tsunami.

  • However, the radioactive implications of detonating this absurd number of bombs underwater would likely have negative effects for generations to come.

Can a nuclear bomb in water create a deadly tsunami?

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Can a Nuclear Bomb in Water Create a Deadly Tsunami

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/15
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