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  • Gudetama Freestyle Room Tour [Refrigerator Ver.]

  • Hi there. It's Gudetama.

  • I got a lot of requests for this, so today, I'm going to give a tour of my room.

  • All of us gudetamas share a room. What's this? Are you filming?

  • I sometimes go down to drink the soy sauce on the lower floor. MoreMore

  • Next, let's go into the main area.

  • It's pitch black.

  • What's that over there? If you know, please post it in the comments section.

  • Do they contain something other than food ingredients? Ah, those are probably packs.

  • Is there anything other than food? Those are probably facial packs. They're face packs, aren't they? Why are they in there? They work better when chilled. Are they for your face? Seriously?

  • I see. I guess they're the type that don't think about what they can't see and only focus on appearances.

  • Yesterday's leek and egg dish is covered with plastic wrap…. Huh?

  • HEY! YO! Yesterday's leftoversSo regrettable

  • There is a very fine line between refrigerators and dance clubs. Eat it for days straightNo energy to cookTetteke.. TeTe...

  • Even rappers open holes in plastic wrap, I guess.

  • This is a dangerous neighborhood.

  • Aren't these way past their expiration dates?

  • What're you doing? Huh! Better not be filming me!

  • In the very back, there is an ancient Guretama.

  • It stinks.

  • It ain't just me. Look!

  • Meat that was divided up and forgotten

  • Mysterious hardened spots

  • Something no longer identifiable

  • Scary

  • Little packets of dressing that came with something

  • So messy

  • Hey, new guy! Show some respect!

  • Huh?

  • Pudding with a name claiming it, but was then forgotten

  • It's now the prison gang leaderSo sad

  • I'm not an exhibition!

  • HEY! YO! Refrigerator! In the back, check it out! Tetteke.. TeTe...

Gudetama Freestyle Room Tour [Refrigerator Ver.]

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【Room Tour [Refrigerator Ver.]】Episode03【GudetamaFreestyle】

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    Julianne Sung posted on 2021/11/09
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