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  • All right, we got the UFC coming up tonight.

  • UFC 2 68 with all sorts of exciting fights.

  • And I'm gonna give you my predictions right now and guess what?

  • I know what's up when it comes to this stuff.

  • My first UFC was UFC 38 here in London at Royal Albert Hall.

  • That was in 2002 when I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 20 years ago.

  • There you go.

  • Um Tonight we had an amazing card, big title fight with uh Kamara Usman, The Nigerian nightmare against Colby Covington's the make America great Again.

  • Uh Two characters straight out of a comic book.

  • I love them.

  • This is their second fight.

  • The truth is tomorrow.

  • He's just too gangster.

  • He's just too goddamn good at what he does and his confidence is off the chart.

  • You see him at the press conference this week and he's just he knows he's gonna win, he's in Kobe's head and Kobe is doing the same old stick.

  • And again, I love it and Kobe is a beast, but he's not gonna be able to take what tomorrow dishes out.

  • And again, 3rd, 4th, 5th round, he's gonna pay for it.

  • Uh Probably in some type of whatever ko or something.

  • So that's what I'm thinking.

  • It's gonna be an amazing fight next.

  • We got thug Rose, Nama june is my girl.

  • I remember thug Rose when she had long hair back in the Disney right with her and uh Pat HD barry as her hubby and trainer.

  • She's going back against saying uh the incredible, incredible chinese champ for basically a rematch as well.

  • Last time thug Rose hit her with that front kick, Paypal.

  • Uh just ko to and it was amazing thug Rose, she's like the modern day joan of Arc, I love her so much.

  • She embodies everything beautiful about a human, She's absolutely incredible.

  • She's this tiny girl that's £115 and yet she could probably lead all of humanity into a battle.

  • Like she's that gangster.

  • Um and she's got the name to back it up, thug Rose.

  • No, we're not related, but she's amazing.

  • So that's what I'm calling.

  • I'm calling thug Rose to win again.

  • She's got amazing movement, amazing footwork, amazing, striking.

  • Um It's not gonna probably be a first round ko uh Kazan is too good for that, but I do think she'll wheedle her down and start to pop up with strikes and then we'll see something 3rd, 4th or fifth round.

  • But that's it, thug Rose for the wind is what I'm saying.

  • Last big fight is Justin gauge versus Michael Chandler gauge is a beast.

  • He looked unbeatable when he was in uh what abu Dhabi a couple fights ago before he went up against um the retired champ, I'll think of his name at one point, but he's got mean hands, he's got really strong knockout power and he's a beast.

  • Michael Chandler is no joke either, a really can scrap and he's one of these american wrestlers that just never say die.

  • I used to wrestle in high school for a year.

  • I mean the mentality in there is just go, go, go, just break yourself every single day, physically and mentally.

  • So it's gonna be a beast of a fight, but I'm going with J.

  • T.

  • For the win, but it's gonna be very hard and Chandler showed against Oliveira that he can really go go the distance and that if I could have gone any other way, although I love Olivera, he's my Brazilian brother for sure.

  • So there you go, that's my three picks, it's going to be dug, Rose Kamara, Usman and of course, geechee, strangely enough, they're all coached by Trevor wittman who is an absolute beast genius when it comes to be a coach.

  • And there's no coincidence that all three of them will win and all three of them are coached by Trevor who's having to space out his coaching techniques tonight.

  • So blessed to those people, blessed to them, blessed to all the fighters who walk into the cage.

  • You have my respect always and it's gonna be an incredible event.

  • Dana White just continues to deliver Dana White innovated during the covid lockdown.

  • He did what I was actually trying to do as mayor of London and get people back in business and Dana found solutions when everyone else winding complained and I love that man and he deserves the billions and billions of market cap that he's brought to the UFC.

  • So bless Dana White's gonna be an amazing event.

  • Catch it!

  • Um and I'm gonna be watching, it's gonna be absolutely fantastic.

  • So go for it.

  • Let's go tomorrow.

  • Let's go, thug Rose, I love you so much and let's go with gigi as well for the win.

  • It's gonna be great fights.

  • Um, tune in.

  • Let me know if you agree or disagree below, but if you don't agree with my picks, you're wrong because I know what's going on.

  • I'm watching pretty much every UFC event there is.

  • So there you go, Big love.

  • Hope you're having a great event live from the tube in London.

  • That's what's happening.

All right, we got the UFC coming up tonight.

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