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Hello today I'm showing you the Lego Duplo Red the fire truck building set. This Lego
set has just 13 pieces and is perfect for young toddlers. Red is one of my favorite
characters from the Disney Pixar Cars movie and he is especially cute in this set. This
Red Lego is super easy to build. Just take the body of the car and you attach it to the
tire base. Just like this you snap it together. And then there is a piece to snap the ladder
in. And it can move up and down. The set also comes with a little hose. You can attach the
water spout to the top and the end of the hose to the end of Red. And he is complete.
You can chose to keep just the ladder on or just the hose on. Or both. He's got a cute
little face with just painted on brown eyes. And the side on both sides it reads Radiator
Springs Fire Department. He has working tires and each part can be removed. This Red the
fire truck Lego set also comes with additional play pieces. It comes with a little green
grass piece and some flowers. Similar to the other Cars and Cars 2 Legos set. It also comes
with a block with a painted on Stanley, the town founder. You can arrange these blocks
however you like. Here is just one example. You can make a little statue with Stanley.
And it comes with fire too. Watch out it's hot, just kidding. Here we go, spray it out
Red. Let's remove that fire. Ok all taken care of. Thank you Red. Okay now that the
fire is gone let's water some flowers. Everything is well and good in Radiator Springs. Oh no,
Stanley you're on fire. Uh oh, got to get that out again. How did a statue get on fire,
I don't even know. Okay, phew! We're okay. Here's another building option with the additional
blocks, wow I'm so fast at putting this together. Okay, now it's time to fight some additional
fires. Hey not that kind of fighting! Thanks for watching and have a great day!
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weilin published on August 22, 2014
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