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Numbers and Counting with Disney Cars. 1: One Peterbilt
2: 2 sister cars, Mia and Tia 3: 3 Acers
4, wait a minute that's Buzz Lightyear. He's not a car and there's not 4 of them.
Get out of here Buzz. 4: 4 delinquent road hazards,
Now that's more like it! 5: 5 monster trucks,
6: 6 black cars 7: 7 bad guys from Cars 2
8: 8 Ramones with different paint jobs 9: 9 Dinoco cars
10: 10 race cars from the original cars movie 11: 11 cars from Cars 2
12: 12 Maters wow!! 13: 13 mack trucks
14: 14 Lightning McQueens Now that's a lot of Lightning McQueen
15: 15 Color Changers cars. Thank you and have a good day!
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Numbers and Counting 1 to 15 With Disney Cars Learning Video for Toddler Cars Fans Mater sVGNj3a HWM

734 Folder Collection
weilin published on August 22, 2014
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