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  • Hey, hey. My name is Molly

  • And in this video, we will be talking  about the difference between fun and funny

  • Now, my students are always  getting these two words confused

  • And today, we are going to fix that problem. Let's look at the board

  • Our first word is 'fun'. Now, 'fun' can be used as an adjective or a noun

  • It means you enjoy yourself  and you have a good time

  • Maybe you go to the pool friends on a nice day. You had a good time

  • You had fun. Let's look at our second word, 'funny'. 

  • 'funny' has two meanings. And it can be used as an adjective

  • The first meaning is, it makes you laugh. Hahaha 

  • Okay. Your friend tells a funny  joke and the joke is funny

  • Okay. Our second, less commonmeaning is it's strange

  • Something is a little strange

  • So let's keep practicing  and look at some examples

  • Now, I'm going to tell you about  a party I went to last weekend

  • The party was fun. I had a good time

  • I had a lot of fun. Now, the first 'fun' is used as an adjective

  • And in the second sentence, it's used as a noun

  • They both mean the same thing. That I had a good time

  • Next, 'funny' has a different meaning. John was funny

  • John told a joke and I laughed, “hahaha.” He is a funny guy

  • Next, “He smelled funny.” Now, remember there's two meanings to 'funny'. 

  • Laughing likeha ha ha”. And funny like strange

  • He smelled funny.” He smelled a little strange

  • So let's keep practicing with some more examples. Let's do some sentences together

  • And we'll choose 'fun' or 'funny'. Playing a game is fun or funny

  • You're playing a board game or  computer game with your family

  • You're having a good time playing.

  • A game is fun.

  • A comedian is fun or funny? A comedian is someone who  

  • makes you laughha ha ha”. He's telling some good jokes

  • He is funny

  • Have a good time at the beach

  • I want you to have a good time. Have fun at the beach

  • His hat looks fun or funny? His hat looks funny

  • Now, funny can have two meanings. Funny like laughingha ha haor  

  • funny like strange. His hat looks funny

  • Now, you know the difference  between fun and funny

  • I'll see you next time.

Hey, hey. My name is Molly

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FUN vs FUNNY | Learn English Vocabulary | Difference, Meaning, Example Sentences, QUIZ

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/29
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