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  • Hello everyone this is Jennifer with Tarle  speech with your question of the week.

  • The question today is how do I say the word  

  • reek which is a strong unpleasant odor  and wreck which means to cause damage.

  • So we have two words reek and wreak.

  • Let's talk about spellinglittle bit so when we have w  

  • r together at the beginning of  the word we just say an r sound r.

  • So we see this in the word  write and in this word wreck.

  • Another thing that I think confuses people  here is that for the two vowels together  

  • in the middle of the word  we typically say the first  

  • vowel name and make that long like in  reek and then the second one is silent.  

  • We also see this e a pattern in the words in  word like meat and we say a long e this word.

  • Wreak is an exception and we  are going to say a short e here.

  • So let's take a look at both of these words and  how we pronounce them. So for word number one  

  • reek you're going to start with that  r sound er to say this sound I tell  

  • my students square tense lips. The reason  is, is because some of my students pucker  

  • too much or smile too much and then that makes  the sound incorrect. So you want square tense  

  • lips the tip of your tongue is either pointed  down or flipped back the key is is that it is  

  • not touching the teeth, so the  tongue never touches the teeth  

  • for an r sound in english, the back of the  tongue is going to be pulled high up. r r r

  • For reek we're going to move  to that long e sound by smiling  

  • that will make your tongue nice and high and  flat. Then we are going to end with the k  

  • to do this tip of the tongue is down back is  pulled way high up and the air puffs out k

  • r ee k reek 

  • reek reek reek reek

  • Now for the word wreak we're going to start with  that r sound. Then we're going to move to the  

  • short e sound the eh sound. So for the long e e  you're smiling you're going to open your mouth  

  • more and relax your lips so again we're going  from that high e relax your lips eh eh eh

  • When you relax your lips your mouth opens a bit  more, the tip of the tongue is between the top  

  • and the bottom teeth, it's just peeking out there  and we're going to let that air puff out eh eh eh

  • And then end with that k.  Let's put it all together

  • wreak wreak wreak wreak

  • So we have reek wreak reek wreak reek reek reek 

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Hello everyone this is Jennifer with Tarle  speech with your question of the week.

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How to Pronounce REEK and WREAK - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/29
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