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  • I got Michael kelly via zoom says, hi brian, I've been in crypto since 2013.

  • And trading stocks futures options since the mid nineties.

  • You sound like me, Michael made life changing gains in crypto.

  • Sound like me, Michael, you've said no Hodler's and no day traders.

  • So what trading time frame are you advocating?

  • Great question.

  • Michael.

  • First of all day traders, you're gonna lose And I don't want you here so go somewhere else.

  • Uh too much emotion.

  • Too much trading frequency.

  • I have yet to meet a day trader that's making money.

  • So that's not what we do here.

  • Hodler's means you never sell.

  • Which again, it's a mistake.

  • We've seen 90% market corrections in Bitcoin since it started, we've seen 3 90% market corrections, which means if you could have been trading those, you could have had incredible gains as opposed to Houghtaling Again.

  • Hobbling is not a strategy.

  • If you're a Hodler, why are you even watching me right now?

  • You literally should, you should be locking the doors, closing the everything on your windows and just sit there for the next 10 years and then open up the door and find out if the world is still here.

  • And if your coins make any money.

  • So if you're gonna Hodel go Hodel turn off the all the inputs.

  • But if you're actually going to trade.

  • Then let's talk about frequencies, Michael.

  • And that's actually some of the key intellectual property we have inside our academy is trading frequency.

  • And I don't want to give away what people pay honestly a bargain for to be part of our academy.

  • But in module for we have protocols and something I call the first system, uh, something called the 10 coin rule, which doesn't take a rocket science to know what I'm talking about.

  • They're a 30 day watch list where we actually encourage people to trade infrequently um, to give you an idea, Michael, I'm talking, I'm talking weeks, not days is what I'm talking about when it comes to trading frequencies.

  • Um, I'm talking about weeks is what I think is a good trading frequency.

  • That's what I'm talking about.

  • So I hope that helps you.

  • Um, I think most of the technology and crypto is designed to turn you into a money losing crypto day trader.

  • Let's be looking at, let's be honest, there are mobile applications to trade crypto that were created by the gambling industry who makes money in las Vegas.

  • Okay.

  • Last time I checked, people in Vegas are day trading their savings and their gambling.

  • These same people are getting you to do the same thing on your mobile apps.

  • My students don't trade crypto on mobile apps.

  • Okay, You can quote me.

  • My students don't trade crypto on mobile apps.

  • It's a dangerous scenario because it gets you to do things you don't want to do.

  • My students trade at a specific period of time during the day and during the month at their desktop when they're in a calm unemotional state of mind.

  • They don't trade on the back of news headlines of tweets of shiny screens popping up, push notifications, that's not how you trade, that's how you lose money.

  • So we go old school, I'm old school, I was taught by even older school traders in the business back in the day who used to yell a lot and break phones and they taught me how to trade.

  • And again it's not the frequency so we need to dial down your frequency uh Michael, maybe not yours, Michael, but most people out there when you dial it down, increase the discipline and the trading rules and then again have the transparency to a peer group that holds you accountable without the last thing involved, you'll never be a successful trader.

  • And just on that note when I was a Wall Street trader, my P.

  • And L.

  • Was published bank wide every day every day.

  • So literally I have a buddy in Tokyo who would come in and say oh I saw your P.

  • And L.

  • Bummer yesterday and I'd be like oh that's nice.

  • So everybody sees my P.

  • And L.

  • Which means everybody can come over there and take the piss question me, get me to reduce my positions and and this is healthy because it gets you to follow discipline, that's what we do inside our academy as well and that's how you become a better trader period.

  • A couple more questions here and I really appreciate these.

  • I got cat potassium are on instagram and says thank you for all you do.

  • I need this course.

  • Great.

  • Really looking forward.

  • And again, we're closing this course out.

  • So if you want to get involved in our third class ever, uh, and joined a small group of people from around the world, it's London real tv four slash defy.

  • I'll read your application personally, but you got to submit it in order for me to read it.

  • So make it happen Now.

  • I've got Monica V V P uh, from instagram following up on our earlier comments.

  • So great to have your Monica saying I will join the course for sure.

  • Thank you for your leadership.

  • People need leaders like you.

  • Thank you Monica.

  • Look submit your application Monica.

  • I'll literally go check it out right now.

  • If you've got energy like this, then I'd love to have you on the course.

  • Lord Capone on instagram.

  • Great name uh, says extend your academy to african content as well brian, we need you in South Africa.

  • Lord, we're way ahead of you.

  • We got graduates from South Africa already posted double digit gains in my wizards group.

  • All right.

  • We got quite a Sophocles unity here.

  • We've got people in Joburg Pretoria and Cape Town that are rocking it down there.

  • So yeah, join us.

  • We got all sorts of people coming in from, you know, almost every continent in the world know Antarctica traders yet, but we've got an international community over 40 countries and uh, we're stronger with all the time zones were here.

  • Like I said, our, you know, our down under students are crushing it these days and our Asia time zones are crushing it.

  • Uh, the yanks need to step it up a little bit, uh, in the academy.

  • So that's my challenge to the people there.

I got Michael kelly via zoom says, hi brian, I've been in crypto since 2013.

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