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  • I got payment platforms trying to shut me down.

  • Lord knows if the government wants to start to play with me and my money and with crypto that's not an option is it?

  • So I don't have to worry about anybody trying to regulate my money when Andrea Stanton Oculus was on my show.

  • He's been on three different times.

  • He talked about even just the privacy factor that all of us forget about all of your your whole life is really people think they worry about their social media information.

  • You're spending information that your bank knows can pretty much tell them everything about you.

  • And that's all in the hands of your banks and governments um talking about freedom of information.

  • I mean that's dangerous.

  • So obviously Bitcoin gets around all that stuff.

  • Right.

  • Well we saw that with wikileaks right?

  • The papal shut them down when they were fundraising And uh Julian assange started collecting Bitcoin and based on what we know from the public record, she's sitting on about $50 million with the Bitcoin approximately.

  • But nevertheless it's insensible.

  • You know you cannot censor Bitcoin.

  • It's also un confiscate herbal.

  • You cannot confiscate Bitcoin.

  • So these are two things that are not true with gold and they're not true with fiat money.

  • Also with Bitcoin.

  • Unlike gold, there's no need for verification by a third party.

  • In other words if I do a transaction with you for gold, you have to make sure that that gold is real gold that it's not fake gold.

  • Um That the weight is correct and you need to typically go through a third party who is a registered surveyor or authentic authentic authentic authenticity providing service.

  • Right?

  • And with with Bitcoin that's not needed because the transaction is the settlement.

  • The transaction is the verification.

  • Every single everything on the Blockchain is completely verified.

  • Every 10 minutes is completely audited every 10 minutes.

  • So that makes it superior to gold in in in in those ways as well.

  • Aside from being as good as gold, it's superior in that you don't need a third party verification.

  • It's uncensored rumble and it's un confiscate herbal.

  • So those things make it better than gold.

  • My house.

  • Mark my words.

  • Mhm.

  • My mom.

  • One more more more.

  • Mhm.

I got payment platforms trying to shut me down.

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