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  • it almost doesn't matter what governments do.

  • Technology is a greater force and technology is a greater force to lower cost or free our time.

  • It took $185 trillion of stimulus to grow the real economy by 46 trillion $4 adapt for leverage for every $1 of growth.

  • Could you ever pay back that growth?

  • And you can't if governments today that any government today said okay, we're going to stop printing money.

  • What would happen?

  • Technology is the giant change.

  • There's nothing that is going to stop it is going to move faster and faster.

  • If you price your world and Bitcoin today, you would see what we're talking about everything forever.

  • We'll get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper in your terms.

  • It's strange.

  • It's almost like this technology forces us to be the humans that we know we should be and yet our tendencies are to always go back and cut the corners and not do the right thing.

  • And Bitcoin is a weird technology to kind of force us to do the right thing and show up which actually solves all of our problems for humanity.

  • Think about the number of people in this community that do that.

  • Bitcoin doesn't have a marketing department.

  • It has a whole bunch of people every node.

  • It's an emergent phenomenon that as more and more people understand it, it gets stronger and stronger and better and better and more in that brings on more and more people and the change in our lives because of this emergent phenomenon that is congruent with technology and where it's going, the change in our lives is so positive.

  • I just wish more people can see it.

  • Uh huh, mm mm mm.

  • Yeah.

it almost doesn't matter what governments do.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/10/22
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