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  • I mean Alex, you've lived through some pretty uh interesting times.

  • Uh you know, you're you're not the youngest ceo out there, although your spirit is is right up there with everyone else.

  • But you bring some experience, like you said, you've gone through the voice over I.

  • P.

  • P.

  • S.

  • Where you were going maybe up against a similar piece of resistance with an institution, You've seen the dot com boom and bust.

  • I was there for that as well.

  • Um You bring a lot of experience to the table in this space where a lot of the the platforms are quite quite young.

  • What are some of the lessons that you can teach us about what you've learned over those pieces?

  • I mean the VoIP is really interesting.

  • I've never heard anyone say my pipe, but when you said money over internet protocol, I thought for the first time, yeah, why isn't it free?

  • You know, it's a very strange thing, you know, because when you say VoIP, it's like well here's the internet and it's free.

  • Then you really start asking yourself, well why wasn't it always free?

  • So just things that you've learned that maybe apply now to the current system, sure.

  • Look for for young people, you know, a lot of them kind of, they're in high school there in college, they look at this and they say inequality is the highest, it's ever been, my chance of winning or rising to the top is the lowest it's ever been, but that's not really true that this revolution that we're going through right now is about all the money in the world, right?

  • The entire internet was about, okay, fixing our email helping us with voice communication.

  • Okay?

  • We can buy uh, an airline ticket online, compare that to all the money in the world, Right?

  • So, so if you're a young person And even if you don't know any programming or you're not into this, guess what?

  • The world's experts only 6-9 months ahead of you, we're all learning.

  • We're all just figuring this out.

  • So you can jump into the game and really become the best in the world at this very, very quickly, right?

  • You just have to put your mind into it.

  • And I always say to young people, you know, like each one of us is a unique creature that will never be created again, right?

  • It's a unique combination of genes and you are you already are the best in the world.

  • It's something you just have to figure out.

  • What is that one thing that you can do better than anybody else and apply all your skills to that.

  • And that's really the hardest thing.

  • I mean, for me, like I have six kids at home and three of them are in college, and I keep telling them, you know, your job in college is to figure out what you are best in not to become the most knowledgeable person on the planet.

  • It's too Experiment 2030 different things.

  • And naturally your your brain, your body will automatically gravitate towards what's easy for you.

  • What does it mean?

  • It's easy for you, that's what you were destined for, right?

  • So, so I think there has never been more innovation, more rap, you know, uh technological development.

  • So young people have more opportunities, not less opportunity.

  • I know the you know, wealth gap is the worst it's ever been, but you can do something about it, right?

  • I mean again, this revolution, this decentralized buddhism is your opportunity to help the pendulum swing all the way from the left to the right, right.

  • So that's really what my advice is.

  • And and it's it sounds easy, but it's hard.

  • This is not easy.

  • Most of us, unfortunately life don't get to find the one thing we do best and we basically get to do what our parents told us or what somebody else told us or I studied medicine.

  • So I became a doctor, but I don't really like it, right, that a lot of people are stuck in that conundrum.

  • So if you're young, you can make that choice, definitely go after what your heart says and not what your brain says.

  • Yeah, it is really hard.

  • Finding that what you're good at.

  • You know, I was in banking and I achieved all my dreams which was to make a bunch of money and I realized I was very happy that I had to do something else.

  • Um So finding that is the hardest thing, right?

  • And I saw your interview with your daughter.

  • So definitely I see your coach, which is what we have to do our job is to be a coach to our kids.

  • And so definitely, uh, you know, kudos for that as as that's it's not easy, you know, especially when they're teenagers, so.

I mean Alex, you've lived through some pretty uh interesting times.

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How To Become The Best In The World ? Alex Mashinsky On The Crypto Revolution

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