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  • now you said institutions, these are kind of risk ARB shops.

  • These aren't banks necessarily because they can't hold on their balance sheet aren't necessarily corporate because Michael sailors doing that and it's quite public, but these are other funds and other maybe off balance sheet organizations that are kind of risk are being the system or investing.

  • That's the kind of player.

  • Yeah.

  • Today, almost every hedge fund, every large uh, institution institution is, could be, doesn't have to be a hedge fund.

  • It could be a trading, uh, platform or, or somebody, somebody else.

  • They all need liquidity.

  • You can see if you go to a glass note, you can see ballot since on exchanges are down by over 50%.

  • A lot of that came to us, right?

  • We have 25 billion in assets.

  • So now they have to come to us, we, we, we, the people used to give our coins for free to exchanges.

  • Now we force them to rent these coins from us if they want to provide liquidity to their customers.

  • So again, WhatC provides is an amazing service that allows you to collect high rent for something that you used to give away for free.

  • Right?

  • And, and again, I'm the largest single user of Celsius.

  • And, and I can tell you, I love Mondays Mondays became the best day of the week.

  • That's the day we pay interest on and, and waking up in the morning and the first thing you see in your inbox is that yield that you, you earned definitely changes your whole week.

  • Mm.

  • So you guys are a bit of almost like conglomerate.

  • And so when I go and invest in Celsius, I'm also diversified and potentially benefiting from your mining operations as well.

  • I know you pay a premium as well if you do it in Celsius tokens.

  • So it really is a very different model than say in a VR compound where it's more, it's simpler.

  • It's pure yield.

  • Yeah, you can have a few of their tokens, but with you, it's, it's actually a slightly different play and that should give people more options, more stability and more yield.

  • Yeah.

  • So last year, Massari ranked all the top performing assets in uh, in crypto and guess who came out number one Celsius was the best performer.

  • Like you said, we grew from a billion to 20 billion in, in, in a year.

  • Uh, and again, I'm not taking credit telling you, I'm so wonderful and so on.

  • I mean, the trust with our community has been phenomenal, right?

  • I mean, it's just, and again, the banks make me look great, right?

  • The fact that the bank's pay nothing uh, make me look like a hero, I always tell people, we do all these meet ups, like we're gonna have one the next week in London person where we meet the local community and they all come shake my hand and tell me their story And other guys, the banks are So bad.

  • It is that I look like a hero, but really what we're doing is what banks and financial institutions should have been doing in the last 700 years and because they're mistreating their customers, it what enables us to have this amazing opportunity and grow so fast.

  • Also one very important point that that yes, we, we are profitable but we barely make any money.

  • Were not an exceedingly profitable company.

  • But the funny part is that Wall Street giving fast growing companies like us 30 40 50 x multiples at the same time, Wall Street gives banks 10 to 12 times multiples.

  • So, so basically stealing from your customers, you get a low grade from Wall Street and doing good by your customers.

  • You get a very high grade on Wall Street.

  • So it's almost pays for itself.

  • Right?

  • So we're creating tremendous value in Celsius network, the company itself.

  • And again, unlike coin based, unlike the banks, we also allowed our customers to come and join us on this ride on the equity side.

  • When we did an equity round, we opened it up and we had over 1000 of our cell seasons come and join and take a piece of the company basically by some of the equity.

  • So as the value is being created, they get to share in that participation.

  • So you, So we're giving you three bus tickets, we're giving you yield, you'd get on that bus ticket, you earn just like everybody else.

  • Uh sell token like you mentioned, you get to earn 25% more and sell performed was the best performer last year and the third one is equity.

  • Your, your asset is what allows us to create value and equity, we think you should participate in that ride.

  • And really no one has done this before.

  • There's never been A vehicle that allowed you to get those three bus tickets and get full participation, sit next to the guy who has 300 million and earn exactly the same yield as they do.

  • And that equity is private equity, it's not on a token per se, that's just separate ownership in the company itself, Right?

  • So if we, if we go public or anything like that, you will basically get, you bought a piece of the company, you know.

now you said institutions, these are kind of risk ARB shops.

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