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  • Hey guys think about what you thought of the web in the early nineties, That was the web.

  • Ification of content digitization of content and presented on the web.

  • What's happened now, is that the fundamental innovation is this ability to own your identity and your data, own pieces of content yourself, every single piece of content you created, it's that ownership revolution that's happening, Everything is being tokenized.

  • There's a totally unique token representing you tokens representing types of things.

  • The reason that that is now possible to do that is because of this invention of digital scarcity or digital ownership, you mentioned Airbnb facebook google apple.

  • I mean they now take between 20 and 30% of all of the peer to peer transactions, whether it's putting an artist and you and me or whether you rent a house and they're not gonna want to give up that multi trillion dollar revenue source easily.

  • I think ultimately, and for me this leads back to one of the ways in which I think about defy I think might have a bit of thesis that defies and about D five versus trad file centralized finance because ultimately about zero fi it's about how finance should absolutely disappear.

  • All of those decisions about financing it or getting insurance or borrowing or lending or whatever.

  • We'll just kind of take place in the background.

  • We'll wander around this future global digital village and we won't have to think about what we're doing.

  • But because the interactions will be via the network if all of these things went right, how big would that be?

  • Oh my gosh, that could be that big, Okay.

Hey guys think about what you thought of the web in the early nineties, That was the web.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/10/19
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