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  • let's talk about politics briefly, because you've spent two years in the parliament in Bulgaria, I'm sure you could tell me some very interesting stories.

  • I spent six months of my life, maybe seven months campaigning to be the next mayor of London.

  • And uh we had the best idea is the best policies, the best business focus, you know, plans for this city transport crime, everything, we put it out there, we went out there, but we came up against two very powerful brands, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party and all of the infrastructure that goes with politics.

  • And at the end of the day, the best ideas didn't seem to win.

  • And the government, strangely enough for London, which is such a I mean, I always used to say London was built on business, you know, the romans didn't come here because of the view they came here, because that was the climate, definitely climate either.

  • And yet, you know, in my opinion, the last mayor and current mayor almost does everything opposite to stop business from happening, but it didn't seem to make a difference when I ran for office.

  • Um and I'm wondering what you see from being in government to maybe explain to people out there.

  • How does government think, I always tell politicians care about your vote, they care about money, which is taxes and how they can spend more money to get your vote.

  • Um So tell us how you see that whole piece differently.

  • Also we see places like texas that are going super crypto friendly and florida.

  • They're going super pro business, we might say, as opposed to California new york that are, you know, more um more, you know, slow to unlock.

  • What do you see from all that?

  • Right?

  • Well, first of all, the democracies, such as the United States, the United Kingdom are very different from a democracy like Bulgaria, because like when you said politicians here care about money and I was like on my the edge of my seat and then say how that translates into more support for them, whereas back home, they still care about money, but the ones that money that ends up in their own pockets, so that is quite problematic.

  • And I've been blessed to be born into a family that we we haven't, you know, uh you know, uh we haven't had immediate financial needs.

  • Let's put it mildly, Yeah, we've always been fine.

  • So this has given me the freedom uh and the privilege to be able to think, you know, in idealistic ways about the world and about politics.

  • I wasn't in politics too fat my own pockets.

  • I was there to make a change because I didn't like what I saw, you know, Bulgaria being one of the most corrupt countries in the european union de most corrupt countries.

  • So, you know, this was very painful for me and I I am a person who believes that you live in a society, you have this duty to try and make it a better one.

  • And, you know, I quite quickly came to clash with with with the status quo and it was frustrating because you have to, you have the good idea, you have, you know, the legislation in place or it needs to do is for people to see the merit in it and it gets voted right.

  • Of course not because there's so much at play here and uh, you know, at some point that was really frustrating for me and then we didn't perform and after the one of the elections so well.

  • And I just like, you know, I said exiting politics and back into the private sector and you know, I think your most valuable when you have real life experience and accomplishments, something to be proud of building companies, etcetera.

  • I don't believe in career politicians.

  • You know, that might work in the most advanced of societies, not sure that it does even there.

  • But if you haven't gotten the experience of, you know, putting a company from the ground up or even, you know, meeting your financial goals in life, what how can you have the audacity to think you can fix out of other people's lives and a society which is the most complex of enterprises ever.

  • So I've had a very mixed experience with politics.

  • I am far from it now.

  • But knowing myself, It might be that I return at a later stage.

  • Yeah, I used to constantly say that the current mayor of London never ran a business in his life, so how would he understand the business of London, which is basically 98% of London and small businesses, you know, for the taxi driver to the restaurant owners, all of these things and yet you've never had to make payroll, put capital at risk to create something, you know, to add value.

  • But London was based on that, even our culture is based on that, you know, from the guy that makes my suits to all these things.

  • People come to London because of all the entrepreneurs and yet, so I spoke about this and I got a little bit frustrated like you did as well, because, you know, we were clear policies, these kind of things that were working out, but there's a whole strange machine there that I'll probably go try to figure out another time in life um where the media is involved with the parties with the regulators and it's a hard nut to crack.

  • Um and just, especially here from this very, uh, you know, you have very few parties, very little space for new actors and it's not like that everywhere.

  • Yeah, but here especially hard, it's very hard and um, it was weird, is like a little oligopoly and trying to get in was hard, I mean, very hard to even get into a debate um which was tricky, So, well we learned a lot if you come from a business perspective, you're used to be able to create an idea.

  • If it's got legs, then you have support.

  • Um And in politics is quite different.

  • Um but business usually the better idea succeeds and in politics there's no guarantee that were the case.

  • That's true.

  • But it's interesting to see how they think and kind of what's on their mind and so you can kind of see, you know, why politicians, you know, are not always embracing the new stuff, whether quick to hedge where they're thinking about, you know, their own votes and then how they appoint people and how they look at regulations.

  • So you know, at least you can see a little bit behind them.

  • And then the other thing is that, you know, the best and the brightest they have so many opportunities in London that they you know, politics is not the first career choice.

  • It might be that, you know, the best minds are perhaps doing something else.

  • Uh huh.

let's talk about politics briefly, because you've spent two years in the parliament in Bulgaria, I'm sure you could tell me some very interesting stories.

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In Politics The Best Ideas Don’t Always Win ? Antoni Trenchev

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