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  • what about other kryptos that have come out since that might have you know new ways of looking at the Blockchain, Are there anything else that you see out there that potentially could still be you know complementary to Bitcoin?

  • Not really, there's nothing no coin out there that can do that.

  • Bitcoin doesn't do already or will be able to do shortly and what you're buying with Bitcoins security.

  • So there's been a couple of major hard forks and Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin Satoshi vision and they're not secure, they're just not secure.

  • I wouldn't put anything on those chains or build anything on them because they're not secure.

  • Other coins are clear exit scams, they have huge pre mines that the founders are selling or dumping and making a lot of money, a lot of people are losing money and they have no use case so like a ripple or ether even is like exit scam it's to be avoided and those are the those are the top coins and then he started going down into many, many more be that and it just becomes lunacy.

  • So if you look at the total crypto market as a whole Bitcoin right now has 85% of the hash power and 65% of the market cast And that number is just going to keep going higher so within five years Bitcoin will have 99% of the hashing power and 99% of the market cap right and everything else will be just completely marginalized you already see now the volume and trades I think Bitcoin now has 90% of all the volume Of all these was between three top coins with Bitcoin dominating.

  • They have 90% of the volume.

  • So the daily volume and the other 5000 coins is so miniscule.

  • It's too, is to be completely almost non existent.

  • So they're completely useless.

  • They have no purpose whatsoever.

  • Um, And you know, so they will all just fade away.

  • There there were, there was between 2014, 2017, there was this big period of all these coins coming out and there was a lot of experimentation and the message was always this is the new Bitcoin, this is a better Bitcoin etcetera and none of them worked.

  • So I think we can definitively say now that none of them worked and that with the way the Bitcoins going, no one's going to ever catch up to what has been doing and uh, it's similar to the protocol that runs like the internet itself or email itself.

  • Right?

  • When these protocols become entrenched and the network effect expands and they become ubiquitous, you know, there might, you never go back right.

  • Um, people might say that they've got the next best protocol for the internet, but you know, they're never going to introduce it because the current protocols are already ubiquitous and entrenched that are never going to change.

  • So It's just, that's what happens when you introduce something like Bitcoin in 2009 and it gets to where it is today and you had the period where people tried to compete with it.

  • They failed.

  • And so I think, I mean what you're talking about over there at your shop in terms of a Blockchain solution for what you're doing, that's slightly different in that it's just simply okay, you're going to have a way to use a spreadsheet, a very advanced spreadsheet to make sure that you're delivering what you say, you're gonna be delivering in a transparent way, but you know, that's great, okay.

  • But it's not it's not competing with gold, right?

  • Bitcoin competes with goal ethereum will never compete with anything.

  • It's a busted project.

  • Um, X.

  • R.

  • P.

  • Was never going to compete with anything, It's a totally busted project.

  • Um Nothing else out there has really done anything.

  • And so um it would not make any sense for folks to think about those, especially if they're trying to build some wealth, you're trying to build wealth.

  • And by building wealth that could mean even just $1 a day in Bitcoin over the course of a few years, you know, you're probably gonna make a million bucks instead of playing lottery tickets and americans spend $1000 a year on lottery tickets to be buying Bitcoin every single day, don't play the lottery, you know, instead of in the UK instead of playing lottery instead of playing this types of doing these types of things, they should be buying Bitcoin every single day, it's the only way you get individual sovereignty.

  • The governments, the U.

  • K.

  • And the U.

  • S.

  • They are under extreme stress.

  • There's a lot of political upheaval.

  • Banks and the global economy under severe stress.

  • You want to have an un confiscate herbal insensible store of value that only you control.

  • That we'll get you through the next five years.

  • What the greatest achievement for Bitcoin probably to sum it up in one sentence is that it separates money from the state.

  • Before Bitcoin the idea of non state money was inconceivable.

  • It was talked about on the fringes by some economists as being possible.

  • But not until Bitcoin emerged.

  • Do we have the absolute existence of a hard money gold substitute that is outside of the state.

  • So if you are not happy with the state and you want to opt out you need to become individually sovereign and there's only is the best solution by far is Bitcoin?

  • What the worst?

  • Yeah.

  • My mom.

  • What for more work?

  • Mhm.

what about other kryptos that have come out since that might have you know new ways of looking at the Blockchain, Are there anything else that you see out there that potentially could still be you know complementary to Bitcoin?

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