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  • let's talk about some of the current block chains I know recently you said you were buying more Bitcoin.

  • Uh we've talked about ethereum which you know is pretty much synonymous with most of these defy protocols.

  • And we mentioned briefly card a no, which you know is thinking about and talking about one day replacing that ethereum Blockchain.

  • Can I get your thoughts on all three of those?

  • Yeah.

  • So what we've seen today is really um everybody trying to steal the thunder or steal the community from the next project.

  • So so if you see if you look at cardinal or polka dot or solana, they're all chasing theorem and trying to steal the theory um developers this theorem community and so on.

  • But if you look at why theory became so successful and I don't know if you know, but the Italic Budarin used to be the editor of Bitcoin magazine and he actually went to the Bitcoin community and said look I wrote this amazing thing the smart contract, I'm willing to contribute it for free to Bitcoin.

  • And they looked at him and said Bitcoin is perfect, we don't need to amend it.

  • You know, the bible has been written, it does not need any amendment and that's why he created ethereum right?

  • So ethereum was born as something new, something better, something different and I I say that again and again to the different entrepreneurs to come and talk to me.

  • I always coach them that you know like you don't copy somebody else, you go and you create something better.

  • So Cardinal needs to find a new vertical ethereum has N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • S.

  • And yield and all these other great services.

  • The other projects are going to be successful.

  • If they invent something new better cheaper, faster, solve a different problem trying to steal the thunder from ethereum is probably going to be a losing proposition long term.

  • Okay.

  • And you think also that Bitcoin is a goodbye here.

  • You think it's heading to 100,000 maybe by year end but you still think it's a great store of value on its own.

  • Yeah so last year again I have a pretty stellar track record.

  • Last year January 2020 I predicted the we closed the year uh at 30,000 and four a.m. On the first of 2021 we hit 30,000.

  • So this year in january february I said we're going over 100,000, we're gonna have a few bumps, We're gonna have few like for example the crackdown in china that's forces selling which creates a buying opportunity.

  • People have to understand that when somebody else sells but there's hundreds of millions of people join crypto.

  • That is a very unique.

  • This is probably the last time you'll be able to buy Bitcoin sub $50,000.

  • So so if you are averaging in if you're buying I think you're recommending the same thing right by in once a month, once a week.

  • That is probably the best way to do this is this way you don't have to uh you know pick the bottom, you don't, that's not the goal is not to pick the bottom.

  • The goal is to accumulate enough coins that when this thing is worth a few $100 you have more coins.

  • Everything Celsius does, if you think about it, enables you to have more coins, you earn yield, that means you have more Bitcoin on your Bitcoin, you take a loan, you take a fiat loan, a dollar loan against your Bitcoin.

  • That means you didn't sell Bitcoin right?

  • So you're deferring your taxes, you're taking alone but in the meantime you have more coins.

  • Right?

  • So so all those things are things that Celsius helps you end up with more coins and and the winners are going to be the people that had the most Bitcoin 235 years from now.

  • So yes we're going much higher.

  • All you have to do is watch how many new people are joining crypto and think okay each one of them needs a few Satoshi is what does that translate into supply and demand?

let's talk about some of the current block chains I know recently you said you were buying more Bitcoin.

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BITCOIN IS HEADING TO $100K ? Alex Mashinsky of Celsius with his Bitcoin Price Prediction ?

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