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  • talk to me about London before we jump into everything next.

  • So um, how is this city when it comes to Blockchain and decentralized finance?

  • We saw it do pretty well in Fintech over the last eight years because you know, this city is almost like Washington, D.

  • C L.

  • A.

  • And new york city rolled into one because there's so many things, we've seen some good Fintech startups.

  • Um, I had to transfer wise guys here I think on the show like eight years ago and we've seen some things happen, but also there's not like I can get 50 people in here talking about crypto and Blockchain.

  • So why is the London an important place for you?

  • Do you think we'll get bigger?

  • Well, I've always loved London, that's, that's for sure.

  • I don't remember whose quality was, but they said if you're tired of London, you're tired of life.

  • It has been true in many venues of life now, you know, quite frankly, I'm surprised that we don't have such an active Blockchain seen as we had, you know, with the revolution, Monsanto's etcetera.

  • Uh and it's a pity because, you know, some of the Fintech, they like revolution, they became profitable once they started providing Blockchain services and uh quite frankly, the exchange service.

  • Uh and that was a major revenue.

  • There was the first quarter they ever were profitable.

  • So you would think, you know, we would have more block chains.

  • I haven't really dug into the realities of why that is, but I wish, uh uh that we had more, you know, next to a degree is based in London.

  • So you know, uh, that's, that's a positive example, but we definitely need more here in terms of the ecosystem and uh, you know, post covid now I see things normalizing people without masks now being scared all the time.

  • Are there something we're gonna work on?

  • Because London needs to be on the map on this one as well?

  • Yeah, it should be at least the second or third largest place in the world.

  • I think when it comes to this space, it's got, again, it's, it's central.

  • Okay, fine.

  • There's Brexit and stuff, but it's still a great place for talent to aggregate.

  • Um, you know, a lot of people are building up here, so we're going to be a big part of it.

  • Yeah.

  • And you know, I always thought that Brexit having such negative aspect on London, I didn't quite buy it.

  • I mean, I, I born in Germany, I love Germany, but like who wants to live in Frankfurt when you got London right?

  • You know, all the trappings here that make it such a great place, but you know, crypto is decentralized from its own set.

  • And uh, you know, when somebody asks you, where are your clients based?

  • And I say everywhere, it's like crypto, you can have a, well in the Philippines who was very, very early on to crypto and he changes to total mixture of your clientele just because it's one guy is, is so large and I think that has enabled a lot of entrepreneurs to accomplish great things, build companies in a decentralized manner meaning from everywhere.

  • And that's why you don't have like you know, you gotta have Wall Street to make a career on Wall Street, so you got to be in the state, so you gotta have the city crypto inherently is such by design that you don't need the concentration in one place.

  • Yeah, maybe that's the answer, I think it is the answer.

  • And Fintech, even London, Fintech, ultimately some of the big winners, they still had to stay in the UK because that didn't transfer to texas or florida or to Singapore.

  • And yet with with the Blockchain and decentralized finance or a lot of things you guys are doing, it really is global business volumes around the clock and you don't necessarily need to be on Wall Street or city of London.

  • Do I miss the days when I was trading the S.

  • S.

  • And P.

  • 500 gold and you know, friday for 30 new york times new york times, you're done for the weekend.

talk to me about London before we jump into everything next.

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Antoni Trenchev Talks Blockchain In The Greatest City On Earth ?

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