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  • Welcome to one of America's worst nightmares,  

  • a story so horrifying it will chill you to your  bones: The real life tale of the radium girls.

  • In 1898, radium was discovered by  Marie Curie and her husband Pierre.  

  • At the time the couple had no understanding  of radiation poisoning. Marie would walk  

  • around with her pockets full of  test tubes containing radioactive  

  • isotopesleaving it all over the labremarking how it glowed so wonderfully.

  • While she would realise the true  dangers of radium before her death,  

  • this was too late for everyone else.

  • It became a kind ofwonder material”  - touted to do everything from making  

  • watch faces glow, to being a miracle cure-all.

  • The radium girls painted radium onto watch faces,  

  • and - believing it was beneficial for their  health - often licked their brushes clean.

  • The result, instead, was a nightmareRadiation sickness caused their teeth to rot,  

  • Horrific tumours to grow under their skinIn some cases, their jaws even came off.

Welcome to one of America's worst nightmares,  

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The Deformed Radium Girls

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/12
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