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  • in these crazy times.

  • We know a lot of you are looking for a new job but you might need to brush up on your interviewing skills in partnership with indeed market.

  • And I spoke to spoke to a career strategist and she put us in the hot seat.

  • Watch.

  • Welcome linda.

  • You're a career strategist and a paid spokesperson for Indeed and we need your help desperately.

  • Okay so say you're interviewing me and Justin for a job as an entertainment show host.

  • We should nail this right?

  • Yeah.

  • All right.

  • Let's start with Justin tell me about yourself.

  • My name is Justin I am single.

  • I have about six plans.

  • I'm from south Louisiana and I like to needle point and stuff.

  • So that's me.

  • That's not the right answer.

  • And this is a mistake that a lot of job candidates make.

  • They'll give a lot of personal information.

  • Unfortunately that's not what an employer is looking for.

  • What they're looking for is to understand your professional history, your experiences, your skill sets, the qualifications that you have.

  • Oh, I thought it was more like getting to know, you know ask her a question because I want to see if you can do it.

  • Watch so morgan.

  • What are your weaknesses lab track ready for me.

  • I'm just a perfectionist.

  • I work so hard.

  • I'm just all the time just constantly focused on how much work can get done in the office.

  • This is a super common mistake that a lot of people make.

  • It's very cringeworthy when you're giving those types of answers because it doesn't sound honest, it doesn't sound genuine.

  • So the right answer is really to think about a specific instance where you made a mistake, you learned from it and now you've moved forward.

  • So let's move on to Justin.

  • If I was the hiring manager I would ask you, do you have any questions for me about this role?

  • What would you say?

  • I would probably say no, but I feel like that's the wrong answer because when you ask questions that really lets the interviewer know that you're not only invested but you're actually interested in what the company is doing.

  • Am I right?

  • You hit the nail on the head.

  • You really want to perhaps ask the interviewer about themselves.

  • Now it's your chance to maybe ask them about what has their experience been at this organization, but you keep it professional.

  • You don't go into personal questions.

  • Am I correct?

  • There's a time and place for that and getting and having a job interview is not one of those.

  • I've learned a lot linda since having to hire nannies.

  • Okay, linda, I'm ready for my question.

  • Why should we hire you?

  • Because honestly I'm a team player.

  • Oh I have a great attitude all the time.

  • I'm really involved.

  • Who said that, that would be my answer.

  • Those are all wonderful but they're very fluffy.

  • They want to hear, what are the specific skills, what are the specific experiences that you bring medicine specifically relevant to this particular job?

  • I want to go on job interviews now, linda, I would nail them.

  • Do you really want to work with all that money?

  • No, no, no, thank you.

  • This interview was presented by, indeed, we help people get jobs.

in these crazy times.

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