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  • This Is how lethal injection actually works.

  • Lethal injection is America's most common method of execution!

  • There have been 1,472 executions in America since 1976, and 1,297 of these have been

  • performed via the lethal injection.

  • The actual injection involves three different chemicals,

  • applied concurrently via intravenous drip.

  • The first injection is an anesthetic called sodium thiopental, a strong barbiturate used

  • to send a person into a deep unconsciousness state,

  • so pain cannot be felt.

  • The second is pancuronium bromide, which acts as a neuromuscular blocker, preventing

  • communication between the nervous system and muscles.

  • As the person has no muscular control, a state of paralysis is reached.

  • And the final injection is potassium chloride, This disrupts the electrical signaling of

  • the heart, stopping it from beating and ending

  • the person's life.

  • According to a 2002 study in the Journal of Forensic Science, the average time

  • from the first injection to the heart stopping, is

  • 8.4 minutes.

This Is how lethal injection actually works.

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How Does The Lethal Injection Actually Work

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