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  • You've seen it done in Call of Duty, but is it really possible?

  • Did a pilot really shoot down a plane with a pistol while parachuting?

  • Owen J, Baggett was an Army Air Force soldier during World War 2, and was assigned to cut

  • off Japanese forces by destroying a bridge in Burma.

  • His unit's planes moved into position - and were promptly intercepted by a Japanese unit.

  • Baggett's plane was hit, and he had no choice but to bail out.

  • The Japanese opened fire on the vulnerable American soldiers as they parachuted, and

  • he lost two of his fellow pilots.

  • Baggett played dead as he floated, and as a Japanese plane approached, he pulled his

  • pistol and fired four shots at the pilot.

  • The Japanese plane stalled and began to crash.

  • This made Baggett the only person to ever shoot down an aircraft using a pistol, although

  • it didn't save him from being captured.

  • He was a prisoner of war until the war ended.

  • But did it actually happen?

  • Japanese records claim no pilots were lost during the mission.

  • Maybe the pilot was wounded and regained control of the aircraft before crashing.

  • But it didn't stop Baggett from retiring from the Air Force as a Colonel - and having

  • one heck of a story to tell new recruits.

You've seen it done in Call of Duty, but is it really possible?

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Pilot Shoots Down Airplane with a Pistol While Parachuting

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    Summer posted on 2021/09/30
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