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  • did you know, dogs say different things in different languages.

  • In Germany, when you hear the friendly dogs, they go woof, woof wow!

  • In Turkey, they may greet you with barks of heavy, heavy half, half as you had Iberia, you might hear barks of Guagua Zhao Zhao in Russia.

  • You barking dogs maybe not, but you'll hear unique barks of ga ga for the puppies, yapping job job over in south Korea, the dogs have an unusual bark of Pyongyang and way north in Iceland, you might hear the shepherd dogs going after the sheep with cries of so why does this happen?

  • Are the dogs actually speaking different languages?

  • Dogs can actually understand each other no matter where they come from and they don't have their own language is based on their own country, but we are a different story.

  • We hear dogs differently, based on the language we speak and try to interpret the bars into sound effects and sounds natural thus, so our dogs might not be speaking their own language, even if it sounds like it.

  • Put a pat on the head for a good boy is truly universal.

did you know, dogs say different things in different languages.

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How Do Dogs Sound in Different Languages

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/26
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