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  • I'm gonna ask you the question.

  • I've asked my last four guests and uh and I'll tell you what they said before, you have to answer it.

  • Um will card Anno replace ethereum?

  • Now I asked this from Dan morehead who runs $3 billion capital, asked to Scaramucci who owns a billion dollars with a Bitcoin.

  • I've asked Scott Milker a bunch of people and strangely most and we've got Charles on the show coming up here in another week or so, um a lot of them said that ethereum was the Microsoft office of Blockchain as and it might not always be the best software, but since it has the most adoption and it's woven in to, you know, the DNA of the world that it's gonna be here, even if something better replaces it, what do you say, Sandy?

  • Yeah, I mean, I personally don't feel that you know, add a or Cardona or any other platform for for that matter will be able to replace ethereum probably because of the same things that you are saying, it's so tightly moving in that, you know, even if you speak to developers today and we speak to a lot of developers, Almost 100% of the Blockchain developers, their first Blockchain is ethereum Blockchain.

  • Right?

  • So, and then second thing is 95% of all the developers when you speak to a Blockchain developer and he says that on a Blockchain developer, actually, he means that he is an ethereum developer, right?

  • So it's so tightly woven in and then the, it's like, you know, mike, I don't know about the Microsoft example, but you know, people give an example of it being the javascript, right?

  • So E V.

  • And being the javascript of uh of the system.

  • So javascript is also a programming language which which is not very optimal was designed in a half a side way.

  • But then you know, somehow it kind of click then then you know, it has, it still remains the most popular language and the, you know, in the web programming um you know, uh space and uh you know, that's why a lot of people are trying to copy the E V.

  • M effects like the same like they are trying to implement like the base block chains are different but then they are adding these uh you know, uh adding these these these E V M features on on top of their Blockchain so that they can try to attract um developers um you know, which in the short run definitely they will be able to get some, you know, initial developers.

  • But then eventually in the long run the kind of uh the decentralization and security that ethereum provides and proven uh kind of uh existence, uh you know, through these hacker hacks and attacks and whatnot, you know that that's what in the last 67 years has got ethereum slowly that confidence where institution can put billion dollars on ethereum Blockchain, right?

  • Like for any other Blockchain, I don't see them reaching anytime soon in at a place where you know, institutions are putting billions and billions of dollars of their hard earned capital and all that.

  • And second thing is also if you see apart from these things, uh you know, if you see like on ethereum, the Vaal, it alone has had like maybe uh maybe 800 million to a billion dollars worth of attacks, like the defi on ethereum for example, has had um, you know, probably 1 to $2 billion worth of attacks and then we have some standard design, uh, you know, mechanism that how you should build a smart contracts and all that.

  • Imagine all these new, like Cardinal now launching smart contracts or Solana or any of these block chains who are launching these uh uh these these things uh these, these smart contract platforms right now because the funds and capitals and these platforms are so low that hackers are not even looking into it when they reach a particular point where you know, it becomes start becoming lucrative for hackers.

  • Then a lot of hackers, hackers will start, you know, kind of hacking and exploiting these smart contracts and it will take a long time for these communities to reach a point where, you know, you can stay billy and securely build these smart contracts, the bullets and all those experiences, ethereum has already gone through that and you know, with the solutions like polygon and all that, you have the scale also now available on experience.

  • So why do you need any other Blockchain?

  • So only in the short run because right now we're in the bull market and some of these applications can, you know, have those uh, you know, projects crow money around on the projects and those projects launch and the token goes like uh pump and all those kind of things and then uh you know, everybody is happy and that's why they are able to attract the developers once this kind of extreme hype dies down and the government will come down to fundamentals ethereum, you know, it's like way, way far ahead of anything else.

  • And it has had those perfect storms multiple times with the ceo boom, then defy boom and then N F T boom.

  • And then, you know, dow boom right now, uh it's very, very hard to replicate for another Blockchain.

  • Okay, so you won't be building second layer solutions for garden oh, or any other chains at this point?

  • Not any points or not anytime soon.

  • And I don't think that unless like somebody's comprehensively able to replace ethereum, which, you know, we are, I think we are one of the, you know, most uh aggressive, adopt aggressively adopted block chains.

  • So first, you know, before replacing ethereum and many of these block chains would have to replace polygon I think and then they can, you know, really attack attack ethereum and then I think, you know, projects like ours uh will will provide ample cushion for ethereum in terms of scalability for anybody to replace or even think about replacing it.

  • Miriam.

I'm gonna ask you the question.

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