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  • Kamikaze pilots.

  • These Japanese soldiers were on a one way mission to crash their planes into valuable allied ships, sinking them are causing major damage at the cost of their own lives.

  • None of them expected to come back.

  • So why were they wearing protective helmets?

  • The answer is complicated, but it starts with one point, what's a helmet going to do in a plane crash?

  • Anyway?

  • If you crash into earth in an exploding ball of steel and fire some plastic on your head won't help much.

  • The helmets, kamikaze pilots war, which were more like leather caps covering the head and ears were designed to protect them in flight.

  • The planes could get bitterly cold during high altitude flights and the noise could be deafening.

  • This is because pilots would sometimes fly with their cockpits open to get a better view, letting in phrasing high speed wind that could easily distract them or even make them pass out.

  • Additionally, turbulence or high speed movements in air could cause a pilot to injure their head against the cockpit, which could lead them to crashing in the wrong place.

  • The helmets of kamikaze pilots were meant to protect them from a crash.

Kamikaze pilots.

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Why Kamikaze Pilots Wore Helmets

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/25
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