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  • Yeah, Again you just said it we're not a defi company.

  • What a Web three company which means you're thinking bigger.

  • And the three is more about how you can actually keep your data, keep your keys, keep your finances and decide like what do you share And also like how you transact if you go to a bank and you deposit funds, it's pretty much like being in a some sort of like a web want to real where you are like actually trusting someone but the tree is about where you don't need to trust a centralist party.

  • You actually control your keys.

  • If you control your keys, you control your Bitcoin your ethereum when you compare like uh this interest financing, traditional finance, what amazes me like how transparent everything is.

  • So if you go currently into the other protocol or any defy protocol out there, you see each and every transaction on the Blockchain, you every single second.

  • I'm more about into like financial inclusion and how to scale this to everyone.

  • So people can actually build things focused on creative creativity and jobs that are interesting and doing that on a full time basis.

  • How you can actually do something that you love from the first day and you're financially able to do that.

  • The idea of a billionaire bothers you because you're thinking if you distributed that capital to potentially thousands of other people, they could be productive in the community doing something they love and add value basically when everyone has equal opportunity.

  • Like you become more creative and you can build things and you have less worry about finances, how to scale that globally.

  • That's kind of like a challenge.

  • And maybe Blockchain, cryptocurrencies have a like very big place in that actually making it happen.

  • Uh huh World.

Yeah, Again you just said it we're not a defi company.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/24
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