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  • it's a hot day and your baby is crying better.

  • Give them a cool refreshing drink of water.

  • Right wrong.

  • That sip of H.

  • 20.

  • Could actually be deadly to the infant.

  • So why can't babies drink water?

  • It's all about development with babies under six months old.

  • Everything is still developing.

  • Their stomachs are tiny and not able to hold large capacities and their kidneys haven't developed a process water yet.

  • Their stomachs can only hold 1-2 teaspoons, which probably explains why mom and dad are getting up for feeding so many times at night and it takes more water than that to slake the thirst and two babies, it's not just an issue of capacity.

  • Water can be toxic.

  • Water can actually be toxic to anyone if they drink too much.

  • Several leaders at a time, the kidneys can't process it.

  • The water winds up in the bloodstream and dilute the complicated chemistry of the bloodstream.

  • And for babies that critical amount is much lower.

  • The coup news is babies are designed to run fine on breast milk or formula the perfect fuel to get their new bodies in working order as soon as possible.

it's a hot day and your baby is crying better.

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Why Babies Can’t Drink Water

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/21
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