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  • just quickly price prediction for Bitcoin by year end.

  • And if Kathy Woods right?

  • And we got a billion users by 2025 she's at ark invest then what does that indicate?

  • The price is going to be roughly?

  • I got it at 100,000 by year end, we're at 50,000 right now.

  • Uh could I be off?

  • I think I could be off, but it's gonna be more on timing than it's going to be on price.

  • Could it could it end up being The first quarter of 2022 but it's going to 100,000, you don't you don't have this amount of demand and this type of fundamental growth in it and this limited level of supply where it won't push the price up.

  • And if Kathy's right and I believe she will be it's a billion users by the end of 2025, we're talking about at least a $500,000 coin at that point.

  • And remember these things can be broken up into Saito she's there's 100 million Satoshi is per Bitcoin at some point.

  • I think someone's going to create a stable coin, you know how we have a baby Berkshire as an example, they'll create a stable coin, that's a fraction of a big Bitcoin.

  • Uh And you'll see some of that happened, remember if they introduce E.

  • T.

  • S in the US and there are many applications, mine is among them uh that will be incremental and exponential demand for Bitcoin and things like a theory, You know, I'm just taking a step out of the room and looking at the two of us.

  • You know you've been on Wall Street since 1990.

  • You are now calmly talking to me about an asset doubling in price in the next six months with liquidity with access.

  • Have you ever remembered any situation in your entire banking history where there was an asset like this?

  • Where you were this confident of the probability of that happening?

  • Well you know, there should have been, there wasn't but there should have been I should have been this confident with amazon.

  • Truth be told, I listened to Jeff give his presentation and then I listened to warrant Mr Buffett give his and I sided with Warren Buffett and I missed amazon truth be told I had the same reaction to google had the opportunity to buy it on the I.

  • P.

  • O.

  • I didn't trade it off on the I.

  • P.

  • O.

  • I was smug about that.

  • And then it took off to the races became one of the most successful investment stories in history.

  • So so the answer is yes, there are many stories like this.

  • Okay, go look at a price chart of Apple Computer from the day that steven jobs returned to Apple Computer to today.

  • That is a Bitcoin like move and I would say to you that I should have been but I wasn't and I think what's happened to me as I've gotten older.

  • Um I want to adapt.

  • I want to have an understanding of what the younger generation is looking at and I want to have more self confidence in my judgment in terms of picking things that are growing and so um that would be Bitcoin in other words I missed google and apple and facebook, I don't want to miss Bitcoin and frankly I don't want my clients to miss it.

  • I think most people missed the tech boom and getting in on it.

  • I mean some of your clients would have bought and you know made some great gains on the fangs and stuff like that.

  • But I think most people missed also because they didn't have access to it and the best hoses and the Zuckerberg's got rich.

  • This is one of the first examples where you have access early on again you were at that presentation with Jeff but getting access to pre I.

  • P.

  • O.

  • Stuff was hard back then now we kind of have access with the Blockchain and now it's peer to peer to where we all win and we're part of the community.

  • I mean it's a different game which probably leads to its growth uh which I guess is why we're talking about right now.

  • I mean the more I learn about this every week that I'm in this, sometimes I wake up and I look at coin market cap Anthony and maybe you feel like this too and I say this is all wrong like this I could blink and this will be triple what I'm seeing now.

  • And I just try to check myself and say you know, am I being realistic?

  • Do you have those moments?

  • Well you clearly do if you're expecting these price appreciation where you look at it and say I do.

  • But also like you, I experienced the down draft of the 2000, the March 2000 NASDAQ.

  • Okay.

  • And just reminders sake it was at 5000 It traded down in about six or 8 weeks to 2500.

  • Many companies got wiped out in that.

  • But yet if you had the fortitude to hang on, The Nasdaq's had 15,000 today.

  • The point being is good quality.

  • If you buy it and you hold it, I think that's a big lesson I would like to share with the London real listeners and viewers the smartest people that have come in contact with in my life had the durability and the persistence and the discipline to buy really good quality things and hold them irrespective of where price activity was near term.

  • And so to me you're right.

  • It could triple, It could drop by 50%.

  • It went down more or less 50% of the month of May.

  • I didn't sell the sheriff anything I was adding to it.

  • Uh, and I would just tell people, uh, to have the fortitude and the patients to see through the current short termism to a brighter horizon.

  • If you'd held the NASDAQ As it went from 5000 to 2500 that moved from 25,000 and 15,000, you were well rewarded.

  • Uh huh.

just quickly price prediction for Bitcoin by year end.

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