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  • You know, I'm coming up on 10 years next month of broadcasting and it might sound like a cliche, but I think ideas are the greatest currency and clearly you run salt conference and I'm guessing tell me if I'm wrong Anthony, but like me, you got the best seat in the house.

  • Like I'm here with you live.

  • I know a lot about you.

  • I've watched you wax lyrical on crypto and it's pretty amazing stuff.

  • But I'm also, I get all the ideas here and the bonuses everybody else gets to watch too.

  • But that's the reason I've been able to do so many cool things over the years.

  • It's because I'm always seems like I have the best ideas in my brain.

  • Um is it a similar feeling for why you do salt or is it different?

  • And, and also what is salt about?

  • Because again, it's Tyson and Bush and uh, and, and uh, you know the president, so it's quite a mix.

  • Yeah.

  • Well, you know, Salt came about because of, you know, I want to compliment you on one thing.

  • You're a great interviewer because you, you're listening, you know, and I, you know, I'm being interviewed, I'm probably doing more of the talking that I usually like, but one of the great things about salt for me from moderating these panels or my podcast, I'm in a listening position and so like you, it's very beneficial.

  • But where salt came from was the financial crisis when the big banks, the money center banks started canceling their conferences because they got money from the government.

  • They got tarp money from the government and they didn't want to be in places like las Vegas, uh, that provided an opportunity for a small firm like ours.

  • And so I went into the conference business, take advantage of that vacuum and then it mushroomed into what it is today, you know, and that's also the value of compounding.

  • So another lesson for younger people, stick with something and continue to get it to grow and we moved it to new york because of the pandemic.

  • I'm a new yorker.

  • I want to help my city mayor, the mary royal candidate, eric Adams is coming.

  • That was announced yesterday, which because he knows I'm here, I'm a new yorker.

  • I'm not leaving brian, I mean, I'm ready to pay the taxes and I'll shut the lights out on the city because I'm a new yorker.

  • Um, and so yes, it's been very beneficial.

  • Yes.

  • It's been an idea factory, but it was really born by accident.

  • It was born from, from the crisis, you know, uh, the pandemic, um, probably accelerated our Bitcoin exposure.

  • We were going there anyway, but we probably got it accelerated.

  • And then the additional factor of the pandemic as I started buying into these late stage secondaries, um, which became available to us as people were dislocating or there was financial issues arising in people and they wanted to sell some shares in these private companies.

  • And so now we have a secondary business and a lot of these things happen accidentally.

  • But here's the thing about being an entrepreneur, you've got to be in the position of being willing to take the risk.

  • You've got to be in the position of being willing to be nace aid.

  • One of my closest friends, my roommate from Tufts, uh, he works at Goldman, I want to use his name, but he will be mad at me because he's a low key guy.

  • I was in East Hand and uh last week and I ran into him and we're good friends, you know, go to met games together with socialized.

  • He's like, I'm dying to ask you, how did you have the, you know, kate jones to put Bitcoin in that portfolio and didn't it cause a lot of institutional havoc for you?

  • And I said, yeah, he said, well how the hell, I mean I would have never done that.

  • He said to me, he's a Goldman guy and his great guys, very smart is right, straight laced.

  • I said Ricky, well I had to throw the ball, you know, I'm in a situation like that, I got to look at it and say, okay, this may be counter intuitive or maybe contrarian.

  • Um, but I think I sized it right, I didn't size it where I took 70% of our board volume, put it in there.

  • I put a small piece of the portfolio in there because of the factors that I saw that I thought would be successful and by the way brian that's happened to me where I've lost that money.

  • So I'm not sitting here beating my chest, I'm just trying to point out, but if you're an entrepreneur, you have to be doing those things, uh, that keeps you naturally plastic, keeps you open minded.

  • uh, and it also, you know, it could lead to losing your front T2 as you hit the curb.

  • But, but I think by and large has served me well.

  • Yeah, I mean if people look at your career so far, um, yeah, they see all the winds, but those don't come unless you're don't have, I don't believe me, they saw some miserable defeats to trust me.

  • That white house experience was seen by many as general kelly.

  • He was a very good friend of mine says that was a pretty famous firing.

  • Huh?

  • They said why?

  • Yeah, it wasn't Truman fired Macarthur, but you really did crush me.

  • Yeah, it was impressive and impressive how you dealt with it as well.

  • And I think a net gain for you.

  • Um, final thoughts, Anthony for people listening, whether they're curious about Bitcoin or just like you said throwing the ball or getting in the game and not sitting back, just, just final thoughts.

  • Uh, well, I'll leave you with the one piece of my life that I always repeat to myself every morning and it's from mel brooks, the american comedian, relax, none of us are getting out of here alive And I just think you need to put it in perspective, you know, and and and jobs said it at the 2005 Steven jobs, said at the 2005 commencement speech, he was sick with cancer.

  • Um, and he said, you know, go for it man, because you know, we're all ended up in the same place in the ground or cremated, whatever, Go for it, you know, in 120 short years, unless we solve for aging and maybe we will uh, everyone that is taking a breath on this planet will not be here.

  • There will be a recirculation of new people that will have replaced all the people that are doing all these funny and amazing or not so amazing things on this planet.

  • And so you're here visiting the planet, so don't take it, that's seriously in one way and take it very seriously in another way.

  • So if you're having a bad day trying to take it seriously, but take your life seriously and be live with purpose and that's what I try to do.

  • I get up in the morning, so, okay, let's go, what are we doing today?

You know, I'm coming up on 10 years next month of broadcasting and it might sound like a cliche, but I think ideas are the greatest currency and clearly you run salt conference and I'm guessing tell me if I'm wrong Anthony, but like me, you got the best seat in the house.

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