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  • you mentioned Card A No, we got Charles on here next week.

  • Do you think Card A no can replace the theory.

  • Um I know it's early days for you in the non Bitcoin markets, but a lot of people think it will and some people think that ethereum is the Microsoft office of crypto as in it might not be the best product in the world, but it's got the network effect that can't B place or it will take a lot of effort in time to replace it.

  • What do you think about that?

  • Well if it's Microsoft office, look at what happened with the operating system related to Apple.

  • Remember once Apple hooked you into its smartphone, then you sort of were thinking maybe I need to own a Macintosh desktop as opposed to you have Packard or a Windows based desktop.

  • And so uh it doesn't have to beat a theory.

  • You know, ethereum could have 90% market share, 85% market share.

  • But pursuant to that example that you're giving, what if card Anno or Solana or Al Durant had 5 10 15% market share.

  • You know, you know, Apple had a better software had a better operating system.

  • Bill Gates had a steel elements of it from Apple.

  • And so we do know that inferior technologies can take hold due to the structure of the marketplace and their dominance and they can beat superior technologies.

  • But what we also know is that superior technologies, typically there's a room for them, there's room for them somewhere.

  • And so I don't know, Cardinal as well as I know Solana Orale Dharan.

  • But I think these technologies in some ways the operating systems are way superior to what's out there.

  • And there's a lot of things that you can build on the backbone of that operating system.

  • And so therefore it should have some level of share.

  • And again, the beauty of our world is, you know, there's many fish in the sea.

  • We can, we can all make money.

  • Uh, there's plenty of opportunity.

  • I don't need to be the richest and forsake all others.

  • I can just be part of the system of making money alongside of many, many people.

you mentioned Card A No, we got Charles on here next week.

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