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  • we talked about Bitcoin price predictions, you know, ethereum is something a lot of people are talking about because it's the backbone of decentralized finance.

  • Um you know, I know you've been really bullish on that in the past.

  • You know, is that something you talk about or has that also you know, become massively adopted and is that already had its day?

  • Okay.

  • So what we're talking about two different things here.

  • So the first thing is catch up coins Catch up coin to me is something that can take you from where you are to where you want to be financially.

  • It can bridge the financial gap and it can do it very quickly and in as little as 10 months now can Bitcoin do that and the Syrian do that.

  • No, they can't because they're too big.

  • That doesn't mean I'm bearish on Bitcoin or ethereum I own and continue to buy Bitcoin and a theory they will have huge moves but you can't turn $1000 into a $1.5 million a small fortune in Bitcoin or theory at least not in any time frame that For folks that are over 40 years old, can can live with.

  • Right?

  • So um so both of those have value.

  • I think Bitcoin to talk about price.

  • I think it's probably worth a half a million dollars within the next five years.

  • I think ethereum is still widely undervalued in my opinion, it should be trading at a $10,000 price with a trillion dollar valuation, It is the backbone to decentralize finance, you can't conduct a centralist finance without it.

  • Sure there are other projects you can use but the developers are on there long term ethereum.

  • The theory easily in my mind is worth $4 trillion, which would be a $40,000 token price.

  • I'm not gonna paint myself in a corner and say a specific date because I don't have enough data yet to figure that out.

  • But pulling back the camera I think it's clearly worth that much.

  • Now even with that type of move that you're going to have to commit a lot of capital to make a lot of capital.

  • And that's just not true with the ketchup coins.

  • The catch up coins are one of the last areas of the market where you can level the playing field where you don't already have to be rich in order to experience real wealth to create real wealth.

  • If you look in the stock market, the commodity market, the private equity market or the big cap uh crypto coins, you already have to have a measure of wealth In order to develop more wealth.

  • You can't get wealthy in the stock market anymore from a small amount of money, you could have had the best performing stock every year for the last 10 years.

  • And if you put $1,000 into it, it still wouldn't, it added up enough for you to retire on.

  • That's the dire proof of situation of where we are.

  • So to my eyes, the catch up coins and coins like them.

  • The only place that I've seen where you can take a modest amount of money and literally claw back decades of your life where you don't have to mortgage decades of your life in the stock market in order to have a hope of a dignified retirement.

  • We're not even a retirement, You could be a young person and you say you know what I want to pay for the rest of my life, but I don't want to live like a Porta.

  • These catch up coins give you the ability to do that.

we talked about Bitcoin price predictions, you know, ethereum is something a lot of people are talking about because it's the backbone of decentralized finance.

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