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  • here's why the M 16 is still the preferred rifle of the U.

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  • Military.

  • Even after 50 years after World War Two, the U.

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  • Army had a big problem.

  • Soldiers were equipped with all kinds of different weapons, but what they needed was a single one that could do it all.

  • The army's first try was the M 14, but soldiers in Vietnam found it was uncontrollable when firing full auto and too heavy for them to carry enough ammunition.

  • They went back to the drawing board and the result was the M 16, an air cooled, gas operated magazine fed assault rifle that was much lighter than the M 14.

  • The new rifle at its share of problems at first, like frequently jamming, especially in wet weather.

  • Once those issues were fixed, the M 16 became much more reliable and a panel after the Vietnam war concluded that the M 16 had saved 20,000 US serviceman's lives who would have died if the M 14 that remained in service despite its age.

  • The M 16 was still being used by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and combat troops continue to praise its reliability, accuracy range and lethality.

  • The M 16 is only now slowly being faced out across the U.

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  • Military in favor of the M.

here's why the M 16 is still the preferred rifle of the U.

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Why M16 Rifle Is Still Used by US Military

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/12
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