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  • it is not too late.

  • That's the message I wanted to give to you today.

  • It's not too late to still get in on the defi Cryptocurrency revolution.

  • Weird things have been happening to me lately and that everyone I know is asking me about crypto and defy and how they can get invested and get involved.

  • I've got Shannon Briggs, the boxer who was stalking me last night on instagram during my live episode saying let's go champ talking about crypto.

  • I got the parents of the kids and my little boy's school that are pulling me aside and saying, hey brian, what's going on with this crypto?

  • Is this gonna be big?

  • I've got uh teachers and my kids schools when they go for physical practice pulling me aside, asking me questions.

  • I got taxi drivers trying to get tips on the next new coins.

  • Everyone's coming out of the woodwork from my mom to my daughter to everybody saying what's going on with crypto and can I get in and the answer is yes, you can, But it's almost too late.

  • I do believe 2022 is gonna be too late now is the time to be invested and be educated and it's almost too late to join my latest defy accelerator because the first live call is happening in hours, we're gonna welcome in our third class.

  • It's absolutely incredible the energy in here and our first class just posted their first month results.

  • People have made 69% on the month, 83% gains on the month one of my students made 100 and 53% on option trades that she wouldn't have done unless we taught her to do them in module three, that's $11,000 in her pocket.

  • The results are coming in and that's the first month.

  • So we couldn't be more excited.

  • This is the best course in the business.

  • If you've got four weeks to create wealth to invest in your Children's financial future, then this is the course for you and if you're too busy, you're too busy with what too busy losing money is what you're doing.

  • And so we couldn't be more excited.

  • We have the best course in the business, the best energy, the best team leaders, the best video modules, the best live calls and the best trading peer group afterwards.

  • It's called defy investment Wizards.

  • You cannot join that unless you've graduated from the defi accelerator.

  • We are literally closing this thing at an hour's my first live calls tonight, six PM UK time.

  • If you want to get your application in its London real Tv forward slash D five D E F I I'm looking for the best people here because you're my peer group, You're how we're gonna change the world.

  • So I'm picky but I'm also just looking for great energy, great people, you could be a total newbie in crypto, you could own Bitcoin back in 2013.

  • Uh, you might not be able to spell Bitcoin or you might have your own tap or defy fund, we've got everybody inside this.

  • Uh, if you want to learn from the best, if you want to have a great community, if you want to have great mentorship, this is the spot to be in.

  • But this is your last chance.

  • So click the link, send that application.

  • I read them myself and join us for this four week adventure.

  • First call is tonight, six PM London Time Live.

  • It's eight hours of live calls with me.

  • Four modules, four weeks and a great people, great group of people from about 40 countries around the world.

  • Amazing high level Defying crypto people that you'll love and learn from and no, for the next 10 years.

  • So that's it.

  • I'm going into broadcast today.

  • I hope you have a good one, click the link.

  • I'll see you on the inside piece.

it is not too late.

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It’s Not Too Late For You ⏰ To Pull The DeFi & Crypto Trigger

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/09/07
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