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  • I got smudgy 2013 on Instagram that says quote, I want to join D5 but I don't understand it.

  • And look smudgy.

  • This is where I was even a few months ago so many of my viewers, my subscribers had written me messages saying brian, can you explain defy to me?

  • We know you used to work on Wall street.

  • We know you worked um and Chicago in the, in the, in the exchanges.

  • We know you worked in London in the city of London for 10 years.

  • Can you explain decentralized finance?

  • We know You were talking about Bitcoin back in 2013.

  • We know you had Andrea Santa Novelas on London real on 2015 1719.

  • We know you had to go to war on the show who recommended all these coins that had these gains.

  • Can you help us understand defy And so I decided to listen.

  • We created the defi academy and it's been our most successful product in the history of London Real.

  • Again, hundreds of students from around the world successfully making money on the back of our teaching, our mentorship, our accountability.

  • And so again, it's a great question.

  • The best way to do it is to join our academy, go to London Real tv ford size defy defy submit your application, sell me on why you should be part of our group and if you're lucky you'll get to join us, but you've got to learn now.

  • You can't wait on this because it's really going to control everything.

  • I've got swindle visuals on youtube that says quote the banking system is a textbook middlemen, Ponzi scheme only approved for loans when they say so.

  • He goes on to say defy is all about financial freedom.

  • No bank or government can tell me what to do with my finances, unquote and it's a great, great, great summer you just made there.

  • It's so true that banks are middlemen, they're taking a big chunk out.

  • They've been doing it for hundreds of years.

  • They've got you brainwashed into thinking you can't manage your own money.

  • They're complicit with the governments who enact laws and protect them and their financial infrastructure.

  • It's all a big racket.

  • You just need to wake up and see it.

  • And guess what?

  • You can change that today by investing in crypto assets and learning about the defi infrastructure.

  • It's your choice.

  • You can't point the finger any longer.

  • You have to take ownership of this decision.

  • There are people like us that are teaching this every single day.

  • But you've got to get involved.

  • You've got to position yourself for the future because 10 years from now when you're crying because your bank turned off your chance or your options of doing financial transaction, when all your money has disappeared because your central banks printed, too much.

  • you'll be crying.

  • And yet the people today that started investing in defy will have their Bitcoin, they'll have their ethereum there have their financial freedom.

  • So you have to take responsibility and ownership today.

  • You have the tools, you have the resources.

  • You're watching me now, educate yourself.

  • Stop being the victim and fight back against the banks.

  • Fight back against the central government's fight back against these technology platforms that are trying to deny you the truth.

  • Take ownership today, pull the trigger, make a decision again, join us inside the defi accelerator.

  • We will get you up to speed in a matter of four weeks and I can't wait to see you inside.

  • There are couple final comments before I wrap up here, I got Laura Ryan on Youtube that says quote excellent insight and advice brian, thank you for your service to humanity.

  • Look, it's my pleasure at London Real.

  • We've always been fighting to try to get the information to the people.

  • It could have been our videos back in the day to educate people about mindset, about politics, about physicality about spirituality.

  • Last year.

  • It was fighting for that basic fundamental right of freedom of speech.

  • So many people around the world appreciated us for what I did uh, for what we did here in London reel.

  • We fought back, it was a very difficult thing to do.

  • We put everything on the line.

  • We almost lost our channels on our business and everything, but we did the right thing this year.

  • We fought for free and fair elections.

  • We wouldn't allow the parties here in London to try to say we couldn't even campaign to be the next mayor of London and now we're fighting for financial freedom for the people and try to make sure that you get the information that your banks and governments and technology platforms don't try to keep controlling your money.

  • It's unacceptable.

  • And we're super proud of what we're doing here.

  • And thank you Laura, I appreciate that.

  • A couple final comments paul stand Brooke on zoom says, quote as someone who hasn't traded any cryptocurrencies, Where are the academy's you mentioned, is there a list anywhere which guides a newbie to the defy world?

  • And the problem is paul is that I looked into this a couple months ago after we finish running to be the next mayor of London, I said, what can I do next to help the most people?

  • And I looked at defi and I looked at who was teaching defy and there was nobody out there, nobody that had an accountability process, Nobody that was teaching live, nobody that was providing real mentorship and building a community of people that could continue trading for years to come.

  • And I thought, you know what I can create this?

  • I've been teaching for seven years inside my London Will Academy, I've graduated over 5000 people from over 108 countries around the world were the best in the business when it comes to teaching people about business, about broadcasting about public speaking.

  • Why not teach them about decentralized finance.

  • So we created the defi accelerator.

  • It was a massive hit.

  • The reviews are off the charts.

  • People can't say enough great things about our accountability process, our education system and the fact that they're now invested in making money in crypto and defy assets as we speak this week.

  • The proof is in the pudding our results, speak for themselves and we couldn't be more excited.

  • And so the truth is, there are no other defy academies in the world.

  • I haven't seen one, there's ours and again, it's the best thing out there and we couldn't be more proud.

  • A few of those students just joined in our first live call will be tonight on our next defy accelerator and we want to help as many people as possible again, create generational wealth for themselves, create financial freedom for people in the world and also fight back against these banks and governments and technology platforms that are, that are trying to do the wrong thing that are trying to exploit you, that are trying to take your money and take your information away from you.

  • And lastly, I got Sharansky hair services on instagram that says, how do I enroll in the academy?

  • Just go to London Real tv forward slash defy That's D E F I.

  • You can submit your application now I'll literally go read it when I'm done and if I think you're part you've got what it takes to be part of our group.

  • I'm gonna go ahead and welcome you into our Academy.

I got smudgy 2013 on Instagram that says quote, I want to join D5 but I don't understand it.

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