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  • It's fascinating to know that that prison experience those 10 months gave you the best economics degree possible and probably led to making you tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars based on those lessons implanted in your brain.

  • Um that's a pretty fascinating case in itself.

  • Were you?

  • And still, are you still angry at the U.

  • S.

  • Government or governments in general?

  • And did that have anything to do with you renouncing your citizenship?

  • Because a lot of us people think about doing that.

  • I mean I'm over here as a UK citizen and U.

  • S.

  • Citizen, I still have to pay taxes, I still have to, you know, be part of that citizenship.

  • Was that part of your decision?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • I was furious, absolutely furious when I got out of prison with the way I've been treated and I had three years of federal probation to do as well.

  • And my god, those people at the probation office, what a bunch of jerks those guys were too.

  • And and the two years that I remember the name is very clearly the most nancy Kirk and Jose Martinez.

  • Both those guys should be once a woman, but they should both be ashamed of themselves uh with the way they behaved and treated me.

  • It was just really disgusting.

  • So what one example of that is uh you know, I was working really hard.

  • I had my own business there and I bought my first really nice house in a Silver Creek country club in Silicon Valley there and I was 20 for probably years old at this point.

  • Beautiful house, beautiful light, beige carpets there.

  • The probation officer wants to come and inspect where I'm living, that's part of their job.

  • So okay shows up there and especially in japanese culture to don't wear your shoes inside of your house.

  • Like that's, that's a big thing for me.

  • Don't wear shoes inside the house.

  • The guys there, the probation officers there to inspect my house, that's okay.

  • You can come in inspector, please take your shoes off before you come in.

  • You know my brand new house.

  • I just worked so hard to buy.

  • He says no, no, I'm gonna keep my shoes on.

  • I said well you can come in my house and inspecting your job, but take your shoes off before you come in my house, your snow, I'm gonna keep my shoes on.

  • And I said no, well then you're not coming in my house.

  • He said, I'm going to keep my shoes on and come in your house or you're gonna go back to jail.

  • And he's the guy that's in the position of all the power there.

  • So he then went and tramped around all over the inside of my house with his shoes on and there wasn't anything I could do about it, but he's just just doing it to be a jerk, he could have taken his shoes off, but instead he just wanted to be a jerk and uh flex his power towards me.

  • So I three years of federal probation the day I was allowed to leave the US I left the U.

  • S.

  • And haven't lived there since.

  • And uh and during that time I was looking to renouncing my citizenship as well actually hired a firm to go and do all the research about how you can get citizenship somewhere else because that's the hardest part.

  • And the and then the most important step you can't renounce your U.

  • S.

  • Citizenship unless you have citizenship somewhere else.

  • Uh And so I didn't do it right then and there because it would have been a very very big part of my network at that point.

  • I wound up doing it later.

  • But special thanks to the people and the government of saint Kitts for for allowing me to have citizenship there.

  • And I'm very appreciative and thankful to them for that.

  • Uh And anybody can basically do that at this point.

  • Uh There.

  • But uh philosophically also want to point out, I think that citizenship is kind of one of these last vestiges of ancient barbarism.

  • Why do you need a citizenship?

  • Why should you need any of this sort of stuff right?

  • You should be if you want to go stay in a hotel somewhere.

  • The hotel should be able to decide if they want you to be able to stay in the hotel.

  • If you want to buy a house, go and buy it.

  • Like this whole idea of citizenship is a rather crazy and I think someday people will figure that out.

  • But uh uh yeah the prison experience definitely made me a year to renounce my U.

  • S.

  • Citizenship and then uh have this additional added benefit that even though I'm not living in the US anymore, I'm no longer on the hook for all these crazy US taxes and regulations as well.

  • So it was a multiple birds with one stone there.

  • You still struggle to get back in the U.

  • S.

  • Or you can visit sorted now where they'll actually let you back in for conferences and things.

  • Yeah other than coronavirus travel restrictions I can go to the US anytime I want.

  • I have a 10 year multiple entry visa so I can go to the US anytime I like.

  • Okay fascinating stuff and why Tokyo, this is where you live now of all the places you could live in the world, why Tokyo and will you stay there?

  • Um I like Japan.

  • Japan is a wonderful place.

  • Uh The way it started out the first time is a once upon a time, there was a Japanese girlfriend before my prison experience.

  • And then uh when I had gotten out of prison I knew I was going to leave the US.

  • Uh and so I didn't know a whole lot about Japan but I figured out I'll go get out of trying, it turned out to be a fantastic place.

  • But if I had had you know an english girlfriend, I would have wound up in, in England, or Russian girlfriend have been Russia, Brazilian would have been brazil, so it's just kind of bye bye, good luck.

  • But I really like Japan at this point, but I I love the caribbean as well.

It's fascinating to know that that prison experience those 10 months gave you the best economics degree possible and probably led to making you tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars based on those lessons implanted in your brain.

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WHY I RENOUNCED MY US CITIZENSHIP ?? ? Roger Ver On His Prison Experience

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/14
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