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  • How do you talk to your 17 year old daughter about Cryptocurrency Money and the future?

  • How do you do it?

  • Where do you start so many of you have questions like this and maybe it's your daughter or your son, maybe it's your mother, your father, maybe it's your grandmother and grandfather or a cousin or a co worker or someone in your community.

  • And they're asking you questions about crypto and about the five because they know you're involved, they hear you talking about it, but they just don't understand.

  • Uh and there's so many things to talk about, there's philosophies, there's ideas and it's important to find a way to engage them in order to communicate.

  • And so I'm gonna find out live today at five p.m. London time because my daughter Gabriella, who is 17 and owns no crypto has no wallets, he's gonna come on London real and live, we're going to have an honest father daughter discussion about crypto defy money the future.

  • And uh it's going to be fascinating.

  • I'm quite curious myself and I'm looking forward to getting her attitudes on money, on savings, on how she trans acts on what she thinks of Bitcoin and ethereum if she's even heard of a theory.

  • Um and we're gonna be taking live questions from the audience as well.

  • So we're super excited.

  • Uh this actually comes on the back of a conversation we had on sunday, we were sitting at home having some sushi and she started asking me a few questions and we started really talking about this?

  • And I thought you know what, we should do this on London Real.

  • We should do it for everybody out there who's trying to have similar questions right now.

  • And conversations with family members, coworkers, colleagues and look whether you know a ton about crypto and defy or nothing.

  • This is the episode for you, tune in and watch a father and a daughter talk about crypto money and the future.

  • It's going to be amazing.

  • There's a link below London.

  • Well that Tv forward slash Gabby, which my daughter's name, G A B Y.

  • We'll see you there.

  • Please submit.

  • Your questions is going to be a fantastic generational discussion about the future of money.

How do you talk to your 17 year old daughter about Cryptocurrency Money and the future?

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A Father & Daughter Talk About Crypto, Money & The Future LIVE at 5pm UK

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/13
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