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  • is why censorship is real and defy and crypto.

  • Here's a tweet that came out just a few days ago from our good friend Ben Franklin also known as big Boy crypto sorry Ben Armstrong known as Big Boy crypto and he had just had his entire Youtube channel deleted.

  • I kid You not 1.13 million subscribers deleted and all Ben does every single day is try to put out information about how you can safely invest in Cryptocurrency and defy markets.

  • Ben doesn't try to promote criminal activity or the overthrowing the governments.

  • He's purely there to try to add information to people.

  • And yet Youtube deleted his entire channel.

  • We sent all of our support to bend.

  • We rallied alongside with thousands of other people in the twitter space on the Youtube space we got him re platforms but it shows you censorship is real.

  • And again we know all about this because we had much uh censorship.

  • We had T platform and we had videos band and removed from Youtube last year and we're still in a constant fight with our digital platforms to keep us on brand.

  • And again we see another article about what happened to Bit Boy crypto and you can see it on screen here and this one explains why was Bit Boy crypto banned from Youtube.

  • The twitter community saves the channel and again I just need all of you to be aware that that censorship is real and crypto and I'll talk more about that shortly.

  • Finally I just want to answer the question you're probably asking yourself well brian what can I do about this?

  • It's quite simple.

  • Today is the day you need to take control of your finances, take control of your future and take control of your freedom.

  • This is real.

  • This is the last way that governments banks, other people can control you.

  • They do it through your money.

  • They do it through your relationship with money.

  • And today is the day to take this back.

  • Your window.

  • Opportunity is small.

  • You can do it with defy decentralized finance.

  • You can do it by owning crypto assets.

  • And again, my mom, she's 76.

  • She's getting into defying crypto assets right now.

  • And so what are you waiting for?

  • That's my question.

  • What are you waiting for?

  • Mhm.

is why censorship is real and defy and crypto.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/13
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