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  • How do you as a young man process the fact that you get arrested for selling explosives on the Internet.

  • I have to do 10 months in federal prison.

  • How old were you at the time?

  • And then how did that actually make you into a better man?

  • A better entrepreneur, a better person?

  • Yeah, I think I was 19 or 20 years old when I got arrested for it.

  • So I was selling match at the gathering cards, beanie babies, some computer parks and uh, and then fireworks on Ebay because in cabela's sporting gives catalog the number one sporting goods catalog the entire US, they were selling this product called a Pest control Report 2000.

  • I ordered some for me initially.

  • And though these are great, every young man loves fireworks.

  • Right?

  • And then I saw that people were selling them on Ebay and I saw, so I can sell them on ebay for a profit.

  • So I put some of them on there.

  • And today it sounds, you know, this is post, today is post, you know, 9 11 and Ebay is a much, much calmer place than it was back then.

  • You could sell, you know, assault rifles and bullets and you know, anything and everything on on Ebay.

  • Like it was kind of a free for all back then.

  • And so it wasn't, it didn't seem that wild at all to be selling these on Ebay back then.

  • Uh, the big, big mistake, I think I made there was actually, I ran for political office in the United States, I ran for California state assembly as a libertarian.

  • And this was not too many years after, there was this big incident in Waco texas in which the FBI and 80 f.

  • Burned to death a bunch of kids in a church.

  • And even if their parents were religious nutcases burning to death, a bunch of, you know, 123568 year old 12 year old kids burning to death kids in the church is not okay.

  • Uh And if you burn to death a bunch of kids in church, you're a murderer, plain and simple.

  • So the F.

  • B.

  • I.

  • And A.

  • T.

  • F.

  • They're a bunch of murderers for killing those kids in that church in texas plain and simple.

  • And so for saying something like that, the A.

  • T.

  • F.

  • And F.

  • B.

  • I did not like it one bit.

  • And so they started looking into me and who I was and uh, you know, I think I and rand was the one who said, you cannot control honest men.

  • So the government makes so many laws that they can, you know, deem anybody a criminal anytime to control them.

  • And so that's exactly what happened to me.

  • I wound up being the only person in the entire country to be prosecuted for selling those firecrackers without a license, Wound up signing a plea deal to do 10 months in prison rather than seven or eight years in prison, which is what they were threatening me with.

  • And even while I was in prison, the company that I have been buying them from and the manufacturing these other dealers were still selling the exact same product without a license.

  • And so it became the only person the entire country to to get in any trouble at all for selling those that license.

  • But there's a silver lining there.

  • I think if I hadn't gone through that experience, I would have been interested in Bitcoin, but not nearly as much as I wound up being interested in Bitcoin because I got to see while I was in prison there's a whole one of the rules and prisoners you are not allowed to buy or sell or trade anything with anybody in prison.

  • But that's what makes human beings human beings is trading with each other, right?

  • That's why we have anything and everything is the division of labor and trading with other people.

  • That's how we have anything in life.

  • And so in prison, there's an entire prison economy of people doing all sorts of things, whether it's cooking or doing laundry or even sexual services are on sale.

  • Like there's anything and everything that you can think of is available within the person economy.

  • But what do people use as money in the prison economy?

  • Well, you don't have dollars in the same way that you do on the outside people just naturally started using tobacco postage stamps and top ramen soups.

  • And the reason they use those three things is because they are all easily recognizable, easily store herbal, easily divisible, easily transportable and they have an additional use case, right?

  • You can eat the top ramen soups, you can smoke the tobacco or you can mail letter with the stamp.

  • And so because all those things have those characteristics, they just naturally became used as money.

  • And so I had read about the origins of money in these economics books before I went to prison and the theories of the origin of money sounded plausible to me, but then I got to see firsthand right before my eyes, the theories I had read about in the economics books were true in practice.

  • And so then when Bitcoin came along, I had the theoretical evidence from these books, I had read that Bitcoin was going to wind up being used as money, but I had the empirical evidence of my experience in prison, watching things just naturally come to be used as money that maybe no from both.

  • The theoretical and the practical empirical side, Bitcoin was going to wind up being used as money by people over the world.

  • The first step for me was to buy a bunch of Bitcoin and the next step was to start investing the businesses and helping to build the tools to make Bitcoin usable as money for people around the world.

  • And that's why today I'm busy investing in, you know, the defi ecosystem ethereum Bitcoin cash.

  • Manero, you know, anything that works out there as actual money for the world, because then it also helps disrupt the prison industrial complex, right?

  • The prison, I was in about 75 80% of the people were there for victimless crimes, right?

  • If there is no victim of the crime, it's not a crime and it's the police, the judges, the lawyers, and the people that are tossing those people in jail for victimless crimes.

  • It's those people that are the real criminals, not the people that are held in jail.

  • And so I'm really eager to build out this ecosystem of peer to peer electronic cash for the world to empower people to have more control over their own lives, to where we can really scale back this prison industrial complex that's tossing people in jail for victimless crimes, whether it's smoking pot or gambling on the internet or, or selling firecrackers to somebody who wants to buy firecrackers.

How do you as a young man process the fact that you get arrested for selling explosives on the Internet.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/13
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