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  • how do you feel about men, coins dodge coin?

  • Sheba ones that I mean for all effective purposes and I don't want to offend anybody out there.

  • Don't seem to have you know potential um you know, second order use cases or potential, you know defy platforms and yet they still hold value in people.

  • Um Ask them are these good for the ecosystem bad for the ecosystem?

  • Obviously we see mr Elon musk out there screwing around with his twitter account.

  • You've got someone like Charles Hodgkinson who really thinks it's a massive detrimental thing for the community that it's gonna bring regulation that's gonna hurt all of us.

  • How does roger fair feel about mean coins?

  • Um I I think somewhere in between.

  • So if you look at does coin it just plain works better for payments than Bitcoin at this point and the inflation rates in the same ballpark.

  • So as a store of value, does coin potentially is better than Bitcoin at this point.

  • And that's that's sad for me to say.

  • But that's that's the truth, right?

  • My emotions don't get in the way of the truth there.

  • And uh these other ones is it going to attract more regulatory scrutiny?

  • Yeah, it probably will and that's why it was so incredibly important to push out this peer to peer electronic cash for the entire world as quickly as we possibly could and that's why the censorship and the delay of adoption by limiting the block size and Bitcoin was so incredibly frustrating is because it gave the politicians and the regulators time to catch up and realize, oh are central banks and our magic money printing machine that everybody has to use up until now it's under threat.

  • These cryptocurrencies, people might actually start using them and now it's giving them time to delay and disrupt and try and regulate that sort of thing.

  • And whereas initially my goal was to get as many people using it around the world as quickly as we possibly could.

  • And so it just plain become default money for the world before the regulators even knew what hit them.

  • And now they've definitely had time to keep catch up and they're paying very, very close attention to the point where here here in Japan all the Cryptocurrency exchanges, they're not allowed to list any of the privacy coins, you're not allowed to trade Germany rosie cash dash Z coin.

  • Any of the privacy coins are not allowed on the exchanges here in Japan and Korea and a number of other countries, that's a really big problem because if you look at what makes money money fund ability is one of those things, Well funded ability is just a fancy way of saying privacy.

  • So the fund ability of these privacy coins is much, much better than the fund ability of uh in ethereum or a Bitcoin at this point.

  • And so it's a real shame that the regulators are starting to catch up.

  • But, but jewish coin definitely has some merit at this point and has a big market cap And uh, a lot of passionate jewish coin fans out there.

  • And what about Elon musk?

  • Because he had a net positive for crypto markets and what do you see when he tweets about Bitcoin dodge coin etcetera?

  • I think Elon musk is a huge net positive for the world.

  • Right?

  • Uh so we like to complain about Paypal and I've done my fair share of complaining about Paypal at this evening.

  • But Paypal revolutionized e commerce is someone who is involved in e commerce from the earliest days of the internet selling magic, the gathering cards and beanie babies on use net where people would have to physically send me postal money orders in the mail and then Paypal came along and people could send money right to my email address.

  • It was a miracle.

  • And so thank you Elon musk for his role in that.

  • And then now SpaceX uh SpaceX and Tesla and all these things.

  • So thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • And uh, I think the world owns a was a debt of gratitude to all these amazing entrepreneurs that make people's lives better off.

  • And uh, as you mentioned that I mentioned any time anybody trades anything voluntarily with anybody else, both people are better off after the trade happens otherwise it wouldn't take place.

  • And so uh, I love all of my Elon musk related process that I bought.

how do you feel about men, coins dodge coin?

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"Dogecoin Is Potentially Better Than Bitcoin." ? ROGER VER on Meme Coins, Elon Musk & Dogecoin

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/12
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