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  • are we going to see Blockchain be woven in or become part of elections government?

  • You know?

  • Um I know you're not to use citizens anymore.

  • We'll talk about that shortly, but like we've all watched what happened in the in the last U.

  • S.

  • Elections, the controversy surrounding elections, the mail in ballots etcetera.

  • Will this ever one day be Blockchain based?

  • I think it's kind of already starting, but maybe from a different point of view than most people have in the world.

  • So I look at my life and my surroundings and I think I know how to run my life better than any politician could run my life for me.

  • And so for example, I went earlier and I created some japanese yen for this bottle of water here.

  • And that's because I valued the bottle of water more than the 100 that I paid for the bottle of water.

  • That was a vote of my preference.

  • I could have bought coca cola, I could have bought Pepsi, I could have bought some japanese tea.

  • I could have bought all sorts of weird things over at the convenience store here.

  • I chose water.

  • Somebody else would choose t somebody else would choose something else.

  • And so people are voting with their money all the time for the various things that they want.

  • So I donated to your fundraising campaign previously when you were going to the censorship thing, I voted with me because I support the message of free speech and I enjoyed lots of your programs.

  • There's lots of other Youtubers that I donated money to because I support what they're doing any time you spend money on anything, anywhere, you're voting with your money.

  • And I think that's what's so incredibly powerful about cryptocurrencies.

  • Suddenly, now the vote with your money can't be censored.

  • And so, for example, if people wanted to donate money to David.

  • Ike I think probably just about every financial platform in the world is probably cut him off.

  • Cryptocurrencies can't cut him off unless you're having to use a custodian with your, your Bitcoin because the fees are too high to work with it directly.

  • But every other actual Cryptocurrency, they can't cut him off.

  • This is a really, really powerful tool.

  • And people, I think unless you study economics and there's a fantastic essay or you can watch youtube videos called I pencil and it's the story of a pencil.

  • Are you familiar with the story, brian?

  • Yeah, but tell it because you tell it really well and it's a fantastic story.

  • I'll gladly tell it.

  • Like it starts off with a claim from the point of view of a pencil and pencil says, there's not a single human being alive on the planet that knows how to make me and most people stopping a pencil, that's so simple, anybody can make a pencil like, what do you mean?

  • Nobody knows how to make a pencil, but then he goes into the detail right of a pencil for example, there's the yellow paint and to make the yellow paint, they dig some out of some guy out of the ground somewhere, maybe mix it with something else to make the yellow paint and this and that.

  • And then for the wood that's in the pencil, they cut down trees somewhere else.

  • And then there's the chainsaws that are used to cut down the trees and the chainsaws are made with iron ore that's dug out of the ground somewhere else.

  • And they run on gasoline that comes from oil in the Middle East that's been shipped on a tanker to a refinery and they refine it into gasoline and then winds up to the gas station that they sell it to the Lumberjacks.

  • And there's the restaurant that cooks the food for the Lumberjacks.

  • They're cutting down the trees to make the wood and the pencil and then there's the rubber tip on the end of the pencil that comes from like rubber trees in Thailand and they have to get processed somewhere else.

  • That goes to the entire story of making a pencil.

  • And you You read the story, you realize my God the pencil was right, there's not a single human being alive on the entire planet that knows how to make a pencil.

  • But the way all of these people coordinate together to come together, the you know these people haven't met each other.

  • There's literally millions if not billions of people cooperating together to make this pencil that you can then buy for like 25 cents.

  • It's the money.

  • The money transmits the information as to what to make the pencil out of.

  • Should the pencil be made out of wood, should be made out of plastic.

  • Should the rubber be from rubber trees in Thailand or somewhere else?

  • And the money is the flow of the information for people all over the planet to be able to collaborate with each other, to be able to produce the most things for the most number of people, whether it's pencils or pens or cars, or clothes or jackets or bottles of water at the convenience store.

  • The money is what transmits the information on how to do that the most effectively in the most cost effective, beneficial manner for the most number of people around the world.

  • And any time the governments or corporations get in the way of that flow of the money, they're literally retarding the rate of economic progress of the entire world and lowering the standard of living every single human being on the planet.

  • So that's why it's so incredibly important to have this peer to peer electronic cash for the world.

  • They cannot be censored so that all of us, human beings on the planet can collaborate together more effectively and more efficiently to produce the things we all want, whether it's Youtube videos or bottles of water or pencils from the convenience store.

  • It's the money that transmits that information.

  • And so we need to get governments and corporations out of the way and out of the business of being able to censor the flow of money around the world.

  • And that's what had me so excited about cryptocurrencies for the last decade.

are we going to see Blockchain be woven in or become part of elections government?

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BLOCKCHAIN VOTING ✅ Roger Ver on Blockchain Technology In Elections

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