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  • it's so important to remember.

  • You have to manage your emotions.

  • You can't let your ego get in the way, which is why we have inside our academy the 10 coin rule.

  • That's why we have my first system.

  • That's why we have our 30 day watch list.

  • That's why we have radical transparency with your peers.

  • This is how we make money.

  • This is why this week was a big win for me and my students because we have the discipline for the long term to make a lot of money in this ecosystem to position ourselves for the future.

  • But if you don't have these basic, basic fundamentals and disciplines, you are going to be taken to the cleaners.

  • Maybe not today.

  • Maybe not this week, Maybe not next month, but it's gonna happen sooner or later.

  • You've got to have the mentorship, you've got to have the game plan, you've got to have the trading system and you've got to have the peer group and that is what we do inside the London Real Academy.

  • So again, I couldn't be more excited, uh, to get into that.

  • And that's exactly what we cover inside the defi academy.

  • And what I want you to do is this be part of the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history now, is your chance to apply and join the defi academy Again, London meal dot tv forward slash defy.

  • I want to teach you how to profit from defi, which is what I'm calling the greatest transformation of wealth in human history.

  • I don't say this lightly, but ultimately it's about more than that.

  • This is about freedom.

  • This is about giving the power back to the people and enabling billions of people worldwide to access the financial markets that they've been denied.

  • I'm talking about improving their lives, those of their friends, their families, and the communities and that's why I created the defi academy where you can learn from the best in the business, how to profit from this.

  • And if you join me, I'm gonna teach you how to invest in the future infrastructure and be part of this great transformation of wealth.

  • I'm looking for a small select group of people who want to become part of an actively participate in the upcoming defy resolution.

  • I'm looking for serious individuals only.

  • I'm looking for collaborators, colleagues who want to join forces with me and create real value for the end user and generational wealth for yourself.

  • If this is you apply now at London real dot tv forward slash defy go Now we're literally running out of space is we're closing this thing out and I just want to be clear that defy academy is not for specific people.

  • All right, the defi academy is not for crypto day traders, please go somewhere else, 95% of you lose money.

  • The defi Academy is not for people looking to get rich quick, please.

  • There's plenty of people in the crypto space that want to sell you that go somewhere else.

  • This is not for grit.

  • Get rich quick people.

  • The defi Academy is not for men, coin fans and forum trolls go somewhere else and it's not for Blockchain fanboys and crypto academics.

  • They just want to talk about this stuff.

  • All right.

  • I'm looking for a small group of people.

  • They want to invest in themselves in the long term and want to build this incredible technology.

  • I'm looking for people that want to pull the trigger.

  • That's what I'm looking for.

  • People that are going to take action that are going to get into the arena whose faces are gonna be marred by blood and sweat and dust, who are going to lose a few but who are gonna win in the long term, That's what I'm looking for.

  • And again, I'm looking for people that really want to invest in this ecosystem.

  • They're going to be incredible opportunities over the next 10 years, but there's only people that are looking to take a long term perspective.

  • Need apply.

  • I am going to spend the next 10 years of my life fighting against the banks, fighting against the government's to give financial freedom back to the people, We are going to be educating every hour of every day.

  • Do you want to be a part of this with me?

  • We're going to create generational wealth for ourselves.

  • We're going to create incredible DATs and protocols and defy infrastructure along the way.

  • We're going to help those billions of people that need access to financial markets and we're going to help free all of those people in their minds, just like you you're in a prison of your own mind right now because you allow yourself to be trapped by your own finances.

  • You think that money is dirty, You think money is for greedy people.

  • You think money needs to be managed by professionals is ruining your life right now.

  • And these banks and these governments right now are literally ripping 10 20% 30% of your net worth from you every single year.

  • Why they trick you in to believing that you can't make your own decisions about your own money.

  • This is fundamentally wrong.

  • It goes against everything I believe here at London reel and the defi Academy.

  • I want to free your mind and educate yourself about your own financial freedom and your financial power.

  • We're gonna do that through, defy please learn these protocols and please join my elite team.

  • This is your chance.

  • This could be your last chance.

  • And my first course that we decided to create is called the Defi Accelerator.

  • It's the keys to unlock a $9 trillion 10.

  • And I've seen everything out there.

it's so important to remember.

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