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  • so what are you waiting for?

  • What are you waiting for?

  • We just saw Bitcoin blast through 41,000 ethereum is broken 2600 and yet you are still sitting on the sidelines thinking about getting involved in cryptocurrencies or the defi ecosystem, What's it gonna take for you to wake up and realize that this is the future that this is the future of banking, that this is going to unlock financial freedom for all sorts of people from around the world.

  • When are you going to finally realize that?

  • And that's what I've been asking all of my students, my people inside my defy academy right now are making money.

  • They're doing great because they are positioned this week and they're positioned for the future.

  • We hear that amazon is getting into Bitcoin, Apple Pay is getting into Bitcoin, google's getting into Bitcoin when those announcements happen and I think they'll happen before the end of the year.

  • What's going to happen to these crypto asset prices?

  • Are they going to go up by two x by five X by 10 X.

  • I've got ceos of major public companies on my show that have invested over $3.5 billion in crypto and they're making money hand over fist.

  • I was talking to my mom last night about this and she said, send me the article, send me the interview with Michael Sailor.

  • Everybody is waking up to this and that's why I couldn't be more excited about our defi academy, but We're closing this thing out today.

  • The first live call is tonight.

  • So if you want to jump on the bandwagon, if you want to get educated, if you want to start making money in the crypto world, if you want to position your portfolio for the next 10 years, stop waiting.

  • This is your incredible chance right now, click the link below.

  • Go to London Real Voice last defy D E F.

  • I submit your application, sell me on a great reason.

  • You should be in my course and jump on this first live call tonight.

  • If I decide to accept you, it's an incredible opportunity.

  • We've had hundreds of students from around the world that says, this is the best thing they've ever taken in their life.

  • They couldn't be more excited.

  • We've got a trading peer group of people that are keeping people disciplined every day to trade like real wall street traders.

  • People I learned from back in the day and again defies not going anywhere.

  • Your centralized banking institutions are old news.

  • Cryptocurrency is the future when it comes to payments, when it comes to all of this infrastructure and the time to learn this is now and you should learn it from someone who's been talking about this space for the past eight years.

  • That's me.

  • I've had the best of the best on this show and I understand finance and I understand how to teach it.

  • So I just want to give you the wake up call, do it now.

  • Don't do it in 2025 when asset prices are going to be 10 X higher or 50 X higher.

  • You want to tell your grandkids you were in In 2021 before everything popped off.

  • So click the link below.

  • Come join me.

  • It's an incredible course London real tv four slash T five and I'll see you tonight on that first live call.

so what are you waiting for?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/08/02
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