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  • All right now, I think it's obvious to everyone what's happening and that is this amazon is getting into Cryptocurrency payments first.

  • They denied it.

  • But now we know what's gonna happen going forward.

  • What else?

  • Apple pay, google pay are all gonna be embracing Cryptocurrency.

  • We heard this from a ceo named Michael Sailor who was on the show just a couple weeks ago and he said brian, you're gonna wake up one morning and you're gonna find these trillion dollar companies are embracing cryptocurrencies for payments.

  • What do you think that's going to happen to your positions?

  • Are they gonna increase three times in value five times in value 10 times in value.

  • This is the shift we've all been waiting for.

  • Do you want to be positioned beforehand Or afterwards?

  • And this is the question you gotta ask yourself because it's coming, it's coming sooner or later.

  • Some say before the end of 2021.

  • So you've got to ask yourself is this decision.

  • Now, am I positioned for the defi and crypto revolution or have you got a coin here and there?

  • And you're hoping and praying that it might make enough money for you to buy a car.

  • I'm talking about being positioned for the future.

  • I'm talking about being core invested into the defiant Cryptocurrency infrastructure.

  • I'm talking about taking your personal finances back into your control and that's what we're doing inside the defi academy.

  • I just had a great long one hour call with my kings of defy inner circle.

  • We've got their positions all locked in for august 1st.

  • We've got their trading protocols, We've got the rules in there.

  • We've got all the things are going to do with options with liquidity pools, with yield farming.

  • But the beautiful thing is, is they've got everything programmed in.

  • They already know what's going to happen, what trades are going to happen and that's how gonna they're gonna lock in their gains for the month.

  • These are normal people, housewives, these are teenagers, these are elderly people who have said, you know what, I'm gonna take the control back in my life and I'm going to create my own generational wealth.

  • I'm gonna stop waiting for the banks to stop taking my money every day because that's what they do.

  • And I'm gonna take control of my finances with decentralized finance.

  • So I couldn't be more excited again.

  • If you want to take control of your finances, take control of your future, take control of your freedom.

  • Please join me.

  • Let me teach you about this, click the link below.

  • We'll go to London real tv forward slash defy.

  • That's dFE my students, hundreds of them now around the world.

  • They are just blown away by what we've taught them the actual practical knowledge we have, they already have the investments, they understand the protocols and that's what we're doing inside our academy.

  • I couldn't be more proud, we couldn't have more success, but I want to get thousands or hundreds of thousands of people educated because I'm tired of these banking institutions continuing to stick it to the little guy and not allowing you to understand and have a relationship with your own money.

  • They're telling you you can't even spend your own money and it drives me absolutely nuts.

  • So click the link below, go to the page, submit your application.

  • We're literally days away from closing this course out.

  • Come join me.

  • It's going to be an incredible experience.

  • I look forward to having you there.

  • I look forward to helping you create generational wealth and incredible and value to the user.

  • I think we can do that together.

  • Let's do this, click the link below.

All right now, I think it's obvious to everyone what's happening and that is this amazon is getting into Cryptocurrency payments first.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/07/30
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