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  • Guys, today's Friday, and that's usually when I catch up with some personal stuff.

  • I check my inbox, return some emails, and, of course, send out thank you notes.

  • And I was just running a bit behind.

  • I thought, if you guys wouldn't mind, I'd just like to write out my weekly thank you notes right now. Is that cool?

  • Uh, James, can I get some thank you note writing music, please?

  • Wow.

  • -Olympic spirit. -Yeah.

  • Thank you, Olympics, for, once again, making me jealous that there are people who get paid to jump on trampolines.

  • Thank you, Olympic diving, for not going by your original name - impressive falling.

  • Aaaaah!

  • Beep, beep, beep.

  • Thank you, athlete bedrooms in the Olympic Village, for finally answering the question, "Can dorm rooms get even more depressing?"

  • Wow!

  • Here's where you're staying.

  • -Oh, my God. -No crowds.

  • Stay right here.

  • Thank you, Milwaukee Bucks logo, for looking more like the logo you'd find on a pair of camo sandals at Bass Pro Shops.

  • They have like the bottle opener on the bottom.

  • Thank you, summer weddings, for giving me the exciting opportunity to sweat through the nicest clothes I own.

  • Thank you, pill bottles, or, as I like to call you, "medicine maracas."

  • Medicine maracas.

  • Thank you, mosquito-repellant bracelets.

  • You may not actually work, but, hey, at least I look like I'm wearing a phone cord from the '80s.

  • Do they still have those phone cords you used to attach to kids?

  • Yeah.

  • -That was crazy. -That was a mistake, right?

  • Big mistake.

  • I don't want to watch them, I just want them on a leash.

  • -Yeah. -Yeah.

  • -Yeah, I love it when it's just completely stretched out.

  • Like, "My kid's in the next door."

  • Yeah, uh.

  • "If it goes slack, tell me."

  • Thank you, picnic tables, for finding a way to make sitting down feel like climbing into a window.

  • Thank you, portable neck fans, or, as I like to call you, Breeze by Dre.

  • There you have it, everybody.

  • Those are our thank you notes.

Guys, today's Friday, and that's usually when I catch up with some personal stuff.

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Thank You Notes: The Olympics, Summer Weddings | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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