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  • heck.

  • I was born in this house.

  • My dad got it in the 18 nineties, over 100 years ago, won it in a card game from a man his dad had fought in the tomato incident.

  • The tomato incident.

  • Oh yes.

  • The tomato incident.

  • Now, that was a good story.

  • E the yanks.

  • One territorial rights to this land after the pig war.

  • But until then we still paid taxes to the british crown on all sorts of goods, including tobacco, meats and vegetables.

  • The whole town was in a snit over a new tomato tax.

  • The brits were adding a nickel on every tomato.

  • People were up in arms spoiling for a fight.

  • What happened?

  • Tomato incident, Arnold, my grandpa and his neighbors turned over a cart full of british tomatoes on this very street soldiers were sent to arrest him by order of the colonial governor.

  • Archibald von Schack, Fun shek, I wonder if he's any relation anyway.

  • Von sex men attacked the neighborhood, but the locals used guerilla warfare.

  • They made a barricade of upturned vegetable carts and fought back with whatever they had.

  • And they had a lot of tomatoes.

  • They were british tomatoes which were falling hard.

  • Really hurt if you got hit with that kid in the red coats were in school.

  • Ignominious retreat.

  • That's why we eat american tomatoes.

  • Arnold, although I had one yesterday came from chile, very juicy grandpa.

  • Did that actually happen?

  • Course it happen.

  • I sliced it up, put it in a sandwich.

  • No, don't you see this is our answer.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Arnold, juicy tomatoes from chile.

  • Why didn't I think of that?

  • No.

  • The tomato incident.

  • If that battle took place right in front of the boarding house, This whole neighborhood should be a national landmark.

  • Well, they're probably why to document that declared this block a historic site.


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