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  • - Jeff Bezos is betting big on Bitcoin,

  • and that's why we're seeing this crypto asset price

  • blast through 40,000,

  • it could be going to 50, 60,000 or beyond.

  • Now this won't surprise you

  • if you've been following London Real,

  • because I had Michael Saylor on my show

  • just a couple of weeks ago,

  • who invested $3.5 billion

  • of his public company assets, micro strategy into Bitcoin.

  • And he said, Brian,

  • he said do you wanna buy this asset now?

  • Or after Apple gets involved?

  • After Google gets involved?

  • He said, that'll make $30,000 Bitcoin look absolutely tiny.

  • And that's what a lot of these CEOs

  • and smart money people out there

  • have been saying for a while,

  • they've been saying, look,

  • you're looking at the whole thing incorrectly,

  • this market is going to be so much bigger

  • and it could be so much bigger,

  • when are you going to get involved?

  • And that's the thing that I've been talking about,

  • and that's why I created my DeFi Academy.

  • DeFi Academy is where everything changes the game,

  • that's where I've been teaching over hundreds of people

  • around the world on how to get involved in DeFi

  • which is decentralised finance.

  • This is gonna change the world,

  • it's a $9 trillion marketplace,

  • and this is about getting rid of all of the central bankers.

  • And look, I know because I used to be one.

  • I worked on wall street, I worked in Chicago,

  • I worked in the City of London.

  • We basically ripped off hardworking people every single day,

  • and I'm kind of tired of it happening.

  • And I love the whole concept of DeFi, I love the innovation,

  • I love the fact that you are in control of your money

  • and we can give financial freedom back to the people.

  • There's 2 billion people out there

  • that don't have basic access to banking, basic lending,

  • basic things that you and I treat as a luxury,

  • and that's why I'm going all in on centralised finance.

  • So, great to see Mr. Bezos getting involved today,

  • we're seeing so many CEOs out there

  • buying into this entire strategy,

  • I'm curious do you think DeFi is the future?

  • Leave me a comment below,

  • and again, if you're one of my students,

  • I look forward for the next 10 years

  • because we're going all in on DeFi,

  • and again, I'm closing out my second course,

  • the DeFi accelerator in the next few days,

  • there should be a link below or

  • I can't wait to change the game here,

  • I can't wait to be in on the ground floor

  • and I feel bad for anybody

  • who doesn't really see the light right now

  • and I'm hoping that you start doing your research

  • and finding out what's going on.

  • So leave me a comment below

  • and I'll see you inside the DeFi Academy.

- Jeff Bezos is betting big on Bitcoin,

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