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  • we did that process take you days or weeks until you, I mean, was your brain like was it a three day thing where you were like datta, datta datta, you're getting excited about it and all of a sudden you like, I know this is the right way.

  • Or was it weeks before you knew this?

  • This was the first five or six times people mentioned it to me.

  • I just dismissed it as like, that is like a risky, complicated, cool.

  • I knew it was cool.

  • I knew it was a cool thing.

  • The decentralized network.

  • I knew other people were passionate about it.

  • I didn't have the problem.

  • You kept tugging on my coat, but I didn't have the problem.

  • Like go away.

  • I'm making a lot of money on my amazon stock.

  • I'm making a lot of money on Apple.

  • I have a problem in my business.

  • You know, like, you know before, um, if you had asked me, do you want to meet via Zoom in February 2020, I was like what a zoom?

  • If you said can I work from home?

  • No, you're fired.

  • You know what about remote work?

  • No, you come into the office, we meet face to face.

  • You know, if you'd asked me the same question in April, I would have said of course we use them were standardized on it.

  • We all do all work remote.

  • You know, it's we went from 10 million people on zoom to 400 million people on zoom in four weeks or something.

  • The world accelerated its digital transformation of sales of marketing etcetera.

  • If I if I had gone into my board of directors in february and said I think we should by 500 million with Bitcoin, they would have said, what is Bitcoin?

  • You're out of your mind, you're crazy.

  • It took, you know, this is the the history of science is the history of paradigm shift.

  • And the one thing you learn when you study the history of science is paradigm shifts.

  • Come to read two reasons two ways.

  • Either the old guard dies, everybody dies and the new generation picks up the thing or there's a war and you're going to die if you don't actually learn a new thing.

  • And so in the in the midst of a life or death war situation that people have their minds open up and they embrace a new idea Right?

  • That's the history.

  • You know that that I could go through 5000 years of history.

  • I can tell you people that had paradigm shifts driven by war or driven by the death of the old guard.

  • Well the war in Covid and we had a warm currency, the war on curved, locked down the entire world and the currency war.

  • The response of the policy makers was literally to declare war on the currency.

  • The U.

  • S.

  • Currency has been devalued by Depending upon your metric 20-35% in the last 12 months.

  • But currency and in other places Argentina's got 85% inflation.

  • The currency in in in Venezuela.

  • They're collapsing 60 70 80%.

  • Right?

  • There's and so what you have is a devaluation of currency.

  • The war on currency means we're squeezing all the economic energy out of the currency.

  • Right?

  • And where does it go?

  • Well it goes into bonds and then everybody that helped bonds as a store of value sells their bonds and they move their money into equities and into real estate.

  • And so you're seeing monetary energy surging from the currency to the bonds, to the equity, to the real estate, to collectibles, to cryptocurrencies, to meme stocks.

  • Right.

  • That that was the war.

  • So how long did it take me to figure it out?

  • Well after, after March.

  • I mean the first thing we do is we deal with the lockdowns and you've got you've got an immediate issue at hand, you know, you've got thousands and thousands of employees and customers you got to take care of and how do you rewire the business in the world where the office is closed and your operating remotely, That took us half, you know, a lot of Q two.

  • And at the same time as I'm studying my operational problem and I'm basically doing a digital transformation of a 2000 person software company.

  • I actually started thinking about the transformation in this case the digital transformation of my balance sheet.

  • And I would say, You know, it takes 10 hours of study to start to get an inkling of what's going on.

  • It takes 100 hours to start to be reasonably versed in in what's happening here.

  • And it takes 1000 hours for a reasonable person to To have a fair grasp of everything.

  • If you want to be the ultimate master, you need 10,000 hours before, before you're comfortable laying on a billion dollar position, you probably ought to have 1000 hours before I convince you to to risk huge amounts of money.

  • You probably need 100 hours.

  • And before you can ask me an intelligent question, you need 10 hours.

  • So that's the path that we went down.

  • Yeah.

we did that process take you days or weeks until you, I mean, was your brain like was it a three day thing where you were like datta, datta datta, you're getting excited about it and all of a sudden you like, I know this is the right way.

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The War On Currency & How To Become An Ultimate Bitcoin Master ?? ? Michael Saylor

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