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  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will earn around $150,000 whether he's sleeping or awake.

  • The average worker in one of Amazon's warehouses will rake in 25 cents, if working of course.

  • A factory garment worker in Bangladesh might get in the region of half a cent.

  • Around 83,300 people in the world will have sex.

  • There will be 1,500,000 orgasms in the world.

  • All that getting it on will lead to about 258 births, 113 of them into poverty.

  • 76.7% of those babies will be born Christian, 55.8% Muslim, and 38.4% Hindu.

  • 108 people will die, 2.2% from car accidents, and 18% from starvation.

  • 59 weddings will take place.

  • The Facebook Like button will be hit 28,166,700 times.

  • There will be 3.8 million Google searches.

  • More than 80,000 people will visit the website Pornhub, and almost three hours of content will be uploaded.

  • Over $180,000 will be spent on pornography online.

  • 208,333 people will be in a zoom meeting.

  • 69,444 jobs will be applied for through LinkedIn.

  • 404,444 hours of Netflix content will be streamed.

  • In the US alone, two violent crimes will be committed, three burglaries, and about 18 thefts.

  • In the entire world, about 144 people will move houses.

  • 15,950 land animals will be killed to be eaten just in the US.

  • If you include aquatic animals, it's 105,190 deaths.

  • 950,186 pounds of trash will be thrown out just in the US.

  • One million plastic bottles will be sold around the world.

  • 1,800 stars will explode. 288,000 will be born.

  • Your brain will process 600 million bits of visual information.

  • If resting, your heart will pump 1.5 gallons of blood.

  • The hair all over your body will grow in total 1.1 inches.

  • You'll lose 30,000 - 50,000 skin cells.

  • Now you need to watch, "These Were The Most Important Events In The History of the Earth."

  • Or, have a look this.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will earn around $150,000 whether he's sleeping or awake.

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