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  • All right.

  • Got chance, grip on instagram says, very grateful for your knowledge bombs.

  • Thank you so much.

  • I got JD 767 on instagram says simply killing it brother.

  • Thank you brother.

  • I appreciate you were enjoying it.

  • Here we're flowing.

  • That's what we're doing.

  • I got Francis enough on youtube says, oh my God, I love this brian, Let's go zero emotions.

  • When it comes to trading again, discipline is key.

  • This video is so me, I'm getting goose bumps.

  • Thanks Francis Again, It's a very difficult thing to do is trade.

  • I used to take positions home at night in the nineties when I was trading.

  • I used to take big positions home at night.

  • I couldn't sleep at night.

  • I used to be a subject to my P.

  • N.

  • L.

  • If I was up a million dollars on the day, I would be in a good mood.

  • If I was down a million dollars day I'd be in a bad mood.

  • It was very, very difficult to manage my emotions when you're trading a big book of risk like that every single day.

  • It's difficult.

  • It took years and years of training to understand, but this is what we're gonna be doing inside the defi academy, because that's what makes long term traders survive.

  • Is that discipline?

  • Um and again, you know that an article came out yesterday that says two million people in Britain are trading crypto, I think it's over two million people have crypto positions.

  • That's a lot of people, okay, That's like a lot of people, that's one and 30 people here, three or 4% of people are trading crypto.

  • And for me, it just made me think most of those people have no idea what they're doing, Most of those people are gonna lose money.

  • 90% of crypto day traders lose money.

  • And it made me think, okay, the bad thing about that is these people need discipline and they're not gonna be able to find it anywhere.

  • And the problem with crypto is there's not a single trusted source of information.

  • Who you gonna call when Bitcoin drops 20% who you gonna call when Elon musk puts out a tweet, you don't have a source of trusted information.

  • And that's why we built the defi academy.

  • We've got an incredible group of people in here honestly that we're gonna be working with for the next few years, making the right decisions.

  • And these are the people you can ask when something's going crazy, you know when the titans coins are going in the tubes, these are the people you can talk to and I don't see any other trusted source of information out there and I couldn't be more excited.

  • So.

  • Great question.

  • I appreciate that.

All right.

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