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  • I got matt porter on Youtube says I consider myself to be a financial legacy builder.

  • My focus is on trend and position trading and accumulation of long term passive income generating assets defy.

  • Absolutely excites me, go brian good stuff, matt, I appreciate that.

  • But matt, I am going to say one thing that I, I disagree with you on, I don't like this term passive income and I remember I was at dan penis castle seminar up in Scotland and one of the guys was raising his hand and he kept saying what about passive income?

  • What about passive income?

  • And dan pena ignored him for a while and finally he stood up out of his chair and he says I don't like passive income and the guy said why?

  • He said because it makes you passive is what he said and then like a blood vessel burst out of his head.

  • The guy like shrunk down to a tiny little part and there was no one asking questions anymore and I don't like the concept of passive income because I don't like passivity, I don't like being around passive people and I don't think real generational wealth is created being passive.

  • So I don't believe in that.

  • I believe in making infrastructure investments for the future.

  • I believe in putting skin in the game.

  • I believe in taking risk but intelligent risk.

  • I don't believe in passive income.

  • I don't think it actually exists.

  • I think it's a figment of people's imagination.

  • I think it's sold to you as a concept, but the real money I've ever made, the people that have sat in the leather chair at London Real, they haven't made it being passive, they've made it being active, including people like robert Kiyosaki.

  • So again, I agree with you.

I got matt porter on Youtube says I consider myself to be a financial legacy builder.

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